Heart of Darkness: Is Milo Yiannopoulos a criminal, or just a liar?

Originally, it had been my intention to start off our Op-Ed section off with a brief look at some foolish political article or another. Unfortunately, something dark and terrible has made its way across my desk – so dark and terrible in fact that I’ve been forced to drop everything while I attempt to drag this disturbing story out in to the light.

Before we start, I’d like to state up front that while I do indeed dislike the media character that is Milo/Nero, it is not my intention in any way to smear his name or reputation – in fact, as you’ll see in a moment, this has virtually nothing to do with me at all, but rather Milo Yiannopolous admitting in his own words, on camera, that he witnessed the sexual assault of multiple “very young boys” and did sweet fuck all about it whatsoever. Furthermore, he says directly that he did this in America at a time when he would clearly have been an adult himself and thus as far as I know, would seem to have a legal or at least moral responsibility to contact the authorities in most parts of the country. Hey, I warned you folks this was a dark story – watch the video clip bellow to find out just how dark it actually is:




First of all, let’s get a few particulars out of the way – this excerpt was originally from The Joe Rogan Experience (Episode 702) and I do not know the gentleman who sat through almost three hours of that garbage to find this clip at all; but I certainly do thank him. The episode originally aired on September 30th, 2015, but since it’s extremely long and features notable meathead, neo-con blowhard Joe Rogan – it seems entirely possible that nobody in mainstream or left wing media even bothered to watch it. Despite the fact that I’m literally shivering with rage at what “zombie neo-con Zack Morris” just said, let’s break down a few important points about the footage we’ve just seen – quite literally, for the children:


  • Milo Yiannopolous is currently thirty-two years old. This means, that eight years ago, at the time of the horrifying crime he himself has confessed to witnessing, he would have been roughly twenty-four years old – or in other words, a grown ass fucking man who has a moral if not legal responsibility to report the sexual assault of “very young boys” by older men.
  • At the very start of the clip, Milo states that the disgusting crimes he’ll later describe witnessing occurred at “boat parties” and “house parties” in Hollywood, as in California and therefore the United States of America.
  • In America, it is in fact fundamentally, legally impossible for “very young boys” to grant consent for sexual encounters – which in turn means that Yiannopolous has just admitted to watching child rape and actively protecting the identities of the pedophiles who committed these atrocities against literal children.
  • This clip was part of a larger, largely irrelevant discussion about Milo’s attacks on a one Sarah Nyberg about, disturbingly enough, pedophilia. In this conversation, Yiannopolous also claims to have had oral sex with a priest at the age of fourteen (among other things.) These two facts are, in my humble opinion, completely irrelevant to the larger story about Milo here, but in what limited online discussions I’ve observed about this video, they’ve been used to derail the real as fucking penitentiary steel discussion about Yiannopolous’s failure to report the sexual assault of what sounds like multiple minors. Don’t lose the forest for the trees here folks.
  • Yes, it is in fact possible that Milo is lying in this clip; likely out of some bizarrely immature desire to appear more edgy and dangerous to Rogan’s viewers in what he would no doubt have perceived as hostile territory. These parties might have never happened, there might not be any real “very young boys” to protect at all. Of course, this calls into question precisely why a journalist employed by Brietbart News would consider it in any fucking way acceptable to lie about child rape on an internet radio show? In other words, if Milo is telling the truth he’s a morally reprehensible shitheel who’s protecting pedophiles and actively hiding child abuse. If on the other hand he’s making the whole thing up, Yiannopolous is merely a disgusting liar who would openly use the pain of real-life victims to tell a really good fucking story on the Joe Rogan show. Either way, how is this man employable in media after this?


Guys, you’re just going to have to trust me when I say that I did not ask for this responsibility and I frankly don’t give enough fucks about Milo Yiannopolous to bother smearing the guy anyway; I’m of the opinion his so-called body of work does that quite well enough on it’s own.

What I’m having a hard time trying to wrap my head around however is how, with all of the enemies @Nero has made in the media, both mainstream and alternative, I’ve quite simply never heard about this video clip before? I mean, when this sick fucking prick loses his little blue “verified” checkmark on Twitter, it’s international news – but when Milo goes on a nationally broadcast conservative talk radio show and openly admits to protecting pedophiles by covering up child rape he witnessed with his own eyes, virtually nobody says a mutherfucking word?

Does that make sense to you folks? Personally, I find it more than just a little weird that while Milo is the guy who calls himself Nero, it sure does seem to me like left wing media is the one fiddling away while Rome burns to the ground.

  • Nina Illingworth


Editor’s note: this article has been changed slightly from it’s originally published form because I am not in fact a lawyer; while I am virtually certain that it is both morally repugnant and LIKELY illegal to witness the rape of a child and do nothing, I am not a lawyer and I cannot in any way shape or form offer a legal position on what I’ve just seen. That having been said, if watching minors get sexually assaulted by older men is not in fact illegal, I think we can all agree that it morally disqualifies you from shitting up the goddamn internet with your so called “journalism.”