Everyone is Wrong But Me Episode 1: Old Cat Rants Out Loud

Editor’s Note: a little while back, I met a mouthy little cat who had a number of controversial opinions and a voice-changing microphone. The little cat stayed for a while, making videos and imparting wisdom to all who would partake of it – before wandering back out into the night and on to her next project. I couldn’t rightly say who she was, or if she’d ever be back but she did leave me in possession of the four videos she made while we were in contact. I figured that since today was already a day for migrating old and interesting things over from other websites, I might as well share the Everyone Is Wrong But Me cat’s videos with you here now. Naturally, if anyone were to ask me the cat’s identity or current whereabouts, I wouldn’t be able to tell them – but it’s safe to say, we remain very close friends to this day.

In episode 1, the anonymous Everyone Is Wrong But Me cat takes a long hard look at why society isn’t working and what the hell we’re supposed to do about it next. Corruption, imperialism, fanaticism and you!

  • Nina Illingworth


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