New Feature on Our Site: the Wall of Shame!

To be frank with you, I can’t rightly say precisely when it happened – sometime after the third whiskey sour and what seemed like months of non-stop, disingenuous bullshit from media personalities who abso-fucking-lutely should know better, I suppose.

I do know that the idea had been weighing on my increasingly agitated mind for well over a month at that point, but it was still a question of time and motivation to do the job. I suspected opportunity wouldn’t be much of a problem – to say that the liberal American media in the middle of a hotly-contested primary with a candidate they absolutely hate represents a target rich environment, would frankly be an understatement of ginormous proportions. The real question remained, how much effort was I really fucking prepared to invest in slaying monsters who were clearly already quite dead inside?

Then, like a bolt from the foulest pits of sponsored content hell, there it was – my inspiration: Peter Daou seriously implying that Sanders supporters throwing literal money at Hillary Clinton’s motorcade were suggsting she was a stripper and not objectively on the mutherfucking take. I knew then, that this idiocy must not be allowed to pass unnoticed and I vowed to begin constructing a permanent monument to the sheer, corrupt goddamn dishonesty of it all. I present to you, the Wall of Shame:


Wall of Shame Button Jpg


There are currently eleven mendacious media malignerers up on our tremendous and “yuge” Wall of Shame, including: Peter Daou, Tom Watson, Amanda Marcotte, Paul Krugman, Jonathan Chait, Jamil Smith, Joan Walsh, Josh Marshall and Josh Barro. I also included a couple of obnoxiously political sports media personalities for shits and giggles because I don’t particularly like either of them: Jason Whitlock and Clay Travis.

For the moment, I primarily focused on pro-Clinton liberal media; in part because there are just so goddamn many of them on the take and in part because they were the ones actively pissing me off by trying to rig an election for a front-running Imperialist with thousands of dead bodies on her hands. Over time however, I’ll add more names to the wall and I’m sure we’ll get around to including the numerous Right Wing Nut Jobs working in the media these days simply because they’re like catching fish in a barrel.

I’ll post an update reminding people to check out the Wall of Shame every time we collect three or four new names, but in the meantime you can find it on a pull-down menu on the top navigation part underneath Poetry & Memes. Until then, enjoy the boot-licking media collaborator show my friends!


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