Recommended Reading: Chetan Hebbale Smoking Gun Edition

Editor’s Note: in a departure from normal procedure, this edition of Recommended Reading features only one article (that is unfortunately 28,000 words long) along with a brief op-ed centered around that article and a limited number of additional background sources. I’m not necessarily looking to make a habit of this change in format, but considering the sheer length of the piece we’re looking at today, it just seemed like the right way to approach the matter. As usual, please be reminded that retains no rights or responsibilities for this story whatsoever; I just really think you should read it because Hebbale has assembled some incredible investigative work here – even if you don’t read it however, stick around for the important discussion afterwards:


Do I Really Need to Worry About Hillary’s Emails? Yes. She Will Be Indicted.


Okay, first things first – yes, I absolutely realize that this article was published just over a month ago on March 18th, 2016. With that having been noted however, let me ask you a question – how many of you actually read the entire goddamn thing or for that matter even made it past the first few thousand words when it first came out? Right. In the dim, fading light of memory I recall hearing about Chetan Hebbale’s exhaustive look at the Clinton email scandal investigation and I can even faintly remember scanning through the first section before moving on to other, less speculative pieces.

It’s unfortunate that I did so however because for whatever Hebbale may lack in terms of organizing his thoughts, his ability to compile exhaustive records on the investigation and use those records to clearly explain complex legal concepts is truly remarkable – despite his multi-colored text and repeated abuse of the underline text function. Regardless of your political affiliations or how you feel about the Clinton email investigation up to this point, I heartily encourage you to find time to read Chetan’s entire examination of a scandal that nobody in mainstream media seems particularly interested in understanding. With numerous, clearly referenced sources, the author makes a compelling, seemingly definitive argument that not indicting Hillary Clinton would be such an obvious, gross miscarriage of justice that the Attorney General’s office will likely have no choice but to charge the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, and soon.

In the interests of brevity, I will not recap all of Hebbale’s exemplary work here; I would however like to focus on one part of the discussion so incredibly simple, obvious and utterly damning of Clinton that I’m beginning to consider the widespread refusal of mainstream media to actually discuss it, evidence of another criminal conspiracy in and of itself. In a section innocuously labeled (2) and roughly five thousand words into the article, Chetan discloses the full contents of a 2009 Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement that Hillary Clinton signed on January 22nd after assuming the office of Secretary of State. While this document makes it fairly clear that Clinton is absolutely fucking guilty of at least violating her Non-Disclosure Agreement, there is one section in particular that makes every single word of defense uttered by Hillary or her campaign in public thus far completely goddamn irrelevant:


The Smoking Gun NDA Edition


Now, the key to remember when reading this passage is that thus far, virtually every defense of Clinton’s transmission of classified documents that isn’t an outright lie has revolved around three key ideas:

  • None of the documents Clinton passed through an insecure private server were classified at the time she sent them to people without proper clearance
  • Despite being Secretary of State, Clinton did not know that the documents she was passing through an insecure private server were classified
  • Documents since labelled classified are a result of an overzealous classification process & a Republican plot to get Mrs Clinton

There is of course, a clear and obvious goddamn problem with Clinton’s defense in this regard however when you read the second highlighted passage of the above excerpt where it clearly states that if Hillary didn’t know whether the documents were classified or not, she’s required by contract to confirm with an authorized official that they are not before sending.

The document is exceptionally clear on this issue – upon signing it Clinton not only agreed to never share classified information, but she also agreed to verify that the recipient of the information was authorized to receive it or officially confirm that the information was not actually classified before sending it. In short, this case is no longer about Clinton’s judgement or shockingly convenient misunderstanding about the classification levels of North Korean missile positions and imminent American drone strikes. This is about whether or not Clinton fulfilled the legal obligations of her position as Secretary of State as defined by an enforceable Non-Disclosure Agreement she indisputably signed after taking office.

So far, in all the hours of the ridiculously farcical Benghazi Investigation, in all of the discussions I’ve seen in the media and in every single defense offered by Clinton or her surrogates – there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Clinton ever asked anyone about the classification level of one single goddamn email she sent through her insecure private server. In fact, as of right now her entire defense rests on the concept that she did not ask because then she would have known discussions of military operations in Syria were definitively classified and never sent them. In other words – Clinton’s own defense is the mutherfucking noose that’s going to hang her when the FBI finally gets around to demanding Lynch indict her sometime next month. Let that sink in for a minute.

It doesn’t matter if she knew if the documents were classified; even though she did because it would have been impossible for Clinton to do her job otherwise.

It doesn’t matter if previous Secretary of State officials “were guilty of the same thing;” even though they weren’t and this is an outright lie.

It doesn’t even matter if Clinton didn’t think the emails should be classified; although that defense is also bullshit because twenty-fucking-two of them were deemed too top secret for public consumption and concern Special Access Programs – which are known to be some of the government’s most tightly guarded secrets.

All that matters in terms of this 2009 NDA and whether or not Clinton will be indicted, is if she transmitted classified information to unauthorized persons in an insecure manner – allegations that multiple pieces of evidence and even her own statements seem to objectively confirm.

Folks, I cannot even begin to fucking express how selfish and irresponsible it is of Hillary Clinton to continue running for the nomination of the Democratic Party with this literally unbeatable charge hanging over her goddamn head – in an election where she’s about to start openly begging people to help her stop Casino Mussolini from becoming Commander in Chief no less! If she is charged, she will be found guilty of violating the NDA because she is absolutely fucking guilty of violating the NDA. I have spent literally hours turning every imaginable scenario in my notably devious mind over and over again just trying to comprehend the mutherfucking angle here. The best I can come up with is that Clinton seriously expects President Obama to hold Attorney General Loretta Lynch in check, and genuinely believes that nobody in mainstream media is intelligent or objective enough to report on the Classified Information Non-Disclosure Agreement she signed.

In other words, Hillary intents to delay, deny and outright lie her way to the highest office in the land with the active assistance of an African American President who her husband once implied should be carrying their bags, ostensibly because of his race – a plan so dripping with stupidity, hubris and megalomania that it literally could only have been concocted by a Clinton.

Has Clinton dealt a death blow to Bernie Sanders nomination hopes only to open up a giant hole for the Republican Party in the general election this fall? It certainly looks that way – you may well be legally able to run for President while being indicted, but from a practical standpoint it’s going to be pretty hard to actually fucking pull off a win when the press is asking you about criminal activities every single day on the campaign trail.

Could this information perhaps explain why Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver has insisted that Bernie will stay in the race all the way to the Democratic National Convention regardless of how the Primary process goes from here? Is Senator Sanders hoping that an FBI recommendation to indict Clinton in May will give Democratic Party superdelegates pause and force them to reconsider which candidate objectively won’t be arrested in the middle of the election campaign? Until the FBI officially submits its recommendation to the Attorney General’s office the answers to these questions will likely remain shrouded in the fog of judicial war, but an objective analysis certainly suggests they may hold one final hope of nominating an actual goddamn progressive to run for President.

That’s a good thing frankly, because socialists in America could certainly use a little hope right now – as the most corrupt Democratic Primary in modern American history lurches forward towards a seemingly inevitable conflict between criminal Imperialism and bumbling Fascism this Fall.

  • Nina Illingworth



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