The Clinton Scandal Meme Project Part One: Arkansas Power Couple

Editor’s Note: this article is part of a larger, ongoing series entitled “The Clinton Scandal Meme Project.”  The primary purpose of this series is to catalogue all of the Clinton family scandals through the power of dank memes and thereby make the true scope of the Clinton’s corruption and criminality comprehensible to younger readers born long after everyone involved should have gone to jail. This article focuses on the early years of the Clinton dynasty leading up to their ascent to the White House but doesn’t deal with the numerous sexual assault allegations against Bill Clinton or any of his affairs, which will be instead covered in their own separate meme collection at a later date.

As a final note, none of the memes presented in this series are intended to ultimately prove the Clinton’s guilt or innocence – they’re merely gathered together to properly illustrate the shocking and bizarre series of random coincidences that seem to result in one Clinton or another being investigated by the relevant authorities at every possible moment in time since they entered government. After all, Hillary Clinton herself has frequently suggested that the numerous scandals that embroil the family are merely the result of a vast, right wing conspiracy and I personally don’t see any reason to disbelieve her except that it’s probably completely goddamn fucking impossible for an innocent person to be accused, charged or investigated as often as the Clintons have been.


FiredLiar ScandalMeme JPG1


RapeGiggleGate ScandalMeme JPG1



Railroad Track Murders ScandalMeme JPG1


ASDS ScandalMeme JPG2 CleanUp


Vince Foster ScandalMeme JPG1


Whitewater ScandalMeme JPG1


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  • Nina Illingworth