Wicked Game: the Clandestine Murder of Democracy in America pt 3 – Desert Scam

Editor’s note: this article is part of an online series about Election Fraud entitled “Wicked Game: the Clandestine Murder of Democracy in America” and you can follow the links provided to explore black box voting, why voting machines are so easy to hack & absolutely great heaping piles of evidence that numerous elections in recent American history have almost certainly been fixed – including this year’s objectively crooked-as-fuck Democratic Primary season.

This installment of Wicked Game finds us wandering the barren, desert wasteland of Nevada to further examine the absolutely goddamn shameful behavior of Barbara Lange, Barbara Boxer and the entire state Democratic Convention Committee – everything is 1968 again as we hurtle towards a DNC in Philly that, with each passing day is starting to look more and more like a struggle for the very survival of democracy in our time. As always, please be reminded that while it is not necessary to follow the links in this article to understand what I’ve written, your comprehension of the work will be greatly improved by doing so.

A Hive of Scum & Villainy

Throughout what I now firmly believe scholars will record as the single most corrupt Democratic Party presidential nomination race in American history, numerous too clever by half writers (myself included) have repeatedly called the indisputably mendacious Hillary Clinton campaign downright “Nixonian.”

It is of course an easy if somewhat sloppy comparison but there is one problem; nobody ever bothered to ask Nixon. Well, I have spent some time chatting with Dick Nixon and let me tell you he simply isn’t fucking having it my friends. Of course, it wasn’t the real Nixon, who is almost certainly rotting in hell if such a thing exists; it’s some playwright and scholar whose an expert on the former president’s life and tweets in character – a man who is almost certainly a better human being than the real Tricky Dick was.

Regardless, what “internet Nixon” told me when I brought up the Hillary comparison is that while the former president may have been unpopular, he was an absolute stone fucking master at tweaking the electoral process. No, ol’ cyber Dick told me that Hillary Clinton reminded him a lot more of her supposed mortal enemy Karl Rove, a man so stunningly short-sighted he’d been prepared to scorch the earth for the next ten elections just to get George W Bush into the White House for a second term.

I mention this now because quite frankly I didn’t think we’d actually come to this point again. I mean if we’re leveling with each other, I have to honestly admit that I thought I was off the election fraud beat until the actual Presidential contest in November. When we last parted, the demonstrably goddamn corrupt establishment candidate had quite literally cheated her way to the fucking Democratic Party nomination for President – evil, in the form of Hillary Clinton, had utterly triumphed in all but the most completely literal sense. Between the promised support of anti-democratic superdelegates, an openly complicit mainstream media opinion manufacturing machine, and the cold, hard, inevitable truth of even crooked math, Clinton had already stolen the nomination.

What purpose, what point at all, would continuing to cheat actually serve Clinton or anyone else in the mainstream Democratic Party now that they’d already choked Democracy to death; stomping on the hopes and dreams of an entire generation of voters they will without question need by the 2018 mid-term elections at a minimum, in the process? Wouldn’t cheating now, deep into the heart of May, be a little bit like waving your dick around in the air and asking young progressives “how’s my ass taste” – and therefore, an incredibly stupid goddamn thing to do?

This past weekend, as video after terrifying video from the Nevada Democratic Convention rolled across my social media feed and I actually watched, with my own eyes the fucking cast of CHiPs physically block the stage from Sanders supporters as corrupt, mainstream Democrats literally fled from the anger of their own constituents; I found myself inexorably pulled back to my conversations with internet Dick Nixon about Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party she now clearly owns body, mind and soul.

As the true picture of arrogance, criminality and sheer goddamned audacity that now ruled the day drew sharply into focus, I knew that Dick had been right all along. What happened in Nevada wasn’t about winning the nomination, it was about firing yet another shot in the upcoming Democratic Party war against progressivism before the other side even knew the battle had begun. Karl fucking Rove only wishes he were playing for the kind of stakes Clinton is gambling with now – she means to destroy the left wing in America for the next two bloody decades!

Just What the Fuck Went On in Nevada?

At this point and in the interests of full disclosure, I feel obligated to inform you that I did not in fact attend the Nevada Democratic Convention. Furthermore, as some of you may already be aware – the exact same repugnant, unarguably crooked mainstream media machine that decided Clinton was going to win the 2016 election about ten minutes after Obama was sworn in as President back in 2009, is busy telling the world lies about how disruptive, violent Bernie Sanders supporters ruined the state convention.

Fortunately however, we live not only in the modern age of ubiquitous recording devices and widespread access to the internet, but also a time when alternative media and citizen journalists are actively taking up the responsibility to inform our society that has been so easily and thoughtlessly discarded by zombified, mainstream media corporations. For those of you who would like to get into the nitty-gritty of the Nevada Democratic caucus process, the actual motions filed during the convention and a blow by blow recap of how this horrible goddamn travesty went down in the desert, I’ve included a number of reliable links below:


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The short, short version is that after a humiliating and revealing reversal during the County Convention stage of the Nevada Caucus, mainstream Nevada Democrats decided to completely fix the State Convention in order to give Hillary Clinton back the delegates she would have “lost” if the County results held true. This was a rigged process, a sham, a conspiracy from the word go that required the full complicity of the Democratic Party in Nevada and completely fucking exposes the corruption and arrogance of neoliberalism in America.

Do you think I’m being hyperbolic? Who decided to move the vote on the rules of the convention from 10:00 AM to 9:30 AM when Sanders supporters were still trying to navigate the parking lot, hadn’t even been given ballots and Clinton delegates were all there ahead of time, waiting with baited breath to pass the new rules? That would be Barbara Lange and mainstream Democrats in Nevada, who literally gave themselves the power to essentially rewrite history, invalidate the County Convention and fix the primary for Hillary Clinton.

Still not convinced? Okay, so when Sanders supporters realized immediately that the fix was in and using the established rules of order, demanded to revisit the sham rules vote – who decided to ignore the call for a recount, order a mindbogglingly imprecise verbal fucking vote to adopt the rules anyways and then declared the rules adopted without opportunity to challenge when the people screaming “nay” were clearly in the majority? That would be Barbara Lange and mainstream Democrats in Nevada.

Will it seriously surprise you at this point to learn that all of those rules changes exclusively benefited Clinton, mainstream Democrats or Lange herself? The changes included giving Lange complete control of the convention and approving her ability to arbitrate voice votes; which of course have the added benefit of being completely impossible to recount if the goddamn chair simply declares you lost the kindergarten shouting contest! Isn’t that incredibly convenient?!

Now, this is around about the point in the conversation that if you and I were both reasonable adults, we could probably agree that something heinously fucking wrong just went on in the heart of the Nevada desert; even despite the fact that the mainstream media is actively hiding the all out assault on democracy we just witnessed in countless, first-hand recordings. Unfortunately, nine consecutive months of biased media coverage and outright lies by the Clinton campaign in this epic shitshow of an election have turned most people’s brains into a fucking Slurpee and therefore a certain percentage of you are no doubt still willing to give Lange and the Nevada Democratic Party the benefit of the doubt.

This is of course both wrong and stupid, but the reason why is perhaps not entirely clear until you know what Lange used her complete control over the convention to accomplish – mainly the wrongful disqualification of at least 58 Bernie Sanders delegates for a vote that the pro-Clinton side ultimately won by a mere 31 votes. Ah, yes, there indeed lies the rub my friends; cheating starts to look quite a bit more worthwhile once you know it’s enough to swing the primary doesn’t it? Amusingly enough, the delegates were barred from participating because “either their records could not be located or they were not registered as Democrats by the May 1st deadline” – in other words, one claim that’s completely impossible to verify and another that sounds suspiciously like various other open cases of fraudulent voter disenfranchisement throughout the Democratic nomination process.

As you can imagine, hundreds of Sanders supporters went absolutely fucking ballistic in response to this stunning trav-sham-mockery of goddamn justice. Enraged to the boiling point, this unstable pack of violent, leftist thugs immediately began to – um, shake their Bernie signs and chant recount?

Of course, it’s awful hard to go about fucking young progressives out of their voting rights with all that violent and intimidating, um, booing going on; so the neoliberal Nevada Dems sent out their ace in the hole – mainstream Democratic icon and close personal friend of Hillary Clinton, California Senator Barbara Boxer. Naturally, she dutifully addressed the concerns of these young voters, right? Wrong again my friends; in her infinite wisdom (read total arrogance and lack of accountability) Boxer decided the best approach here was to lie to Sanders supporters, attempt to shame them into silence despite the clear violation of their rights going on around them and tell them to enjoy the goddamn shit sandwich before marching off stage!

Are you weeping yet? How about when I tell you that a Nevada Congressional candidate used his opportunity to speak on the microphone to submit a motion to call for the removal of Roberta Lange as Chair – and that his mic was then immediately cut? Or when I inform you that another state congressional candidate made a motion to recount that was celebrated wildly in the hall, only to be completely fucking ignored? Aren’t you at least a little bit bothered by the Nevada Democratic party’s passive aggressive attempts to make Sanders supporters just give up and go home; including turning the music up extremely loud, refusing to allow pizza to be delivered into the hall or stalling for hours without providing any updates or issues to vote on?

The real fucking dagger however, the final coup de grace on democracy was saved for the very end of the show my friends. Using the excuse that the hotel wanted the event to end, Barbara Lange leapt back on stage, shuffled up to the mic and proceeded to declare everything she’d just done legal, valid and permanent. Still insisting on the charade of the voice vote, Lange promptly fired through a motion to adjourn the convention at a speed that would make most auctioneers goddamn jealous, declared that the motion had passed despite it being literally impossible to hear anything besides booing in the hall, furiously slammed down her gavel and practically ran off the fucking stage to an absolute cacophony of jeers. Soon afterwards, and perhaps sensing that sticking around after you’d just fucked a room full of angry voters out of their democratic rights wasn’t the brightest goddamn idea in the history of mankind – the rest of the Democratic Party bigwigs fled the stage and out a side entrance as local police blocked the way like some nightmare scenario in a fascist dystopian science fiction novel.

Game, set and match kids; you can take your democratic rights and shove them up your collective asses – but don’t forget to vote for Hillary in the Fall!

 The War Started While We Were Sleeping

To be honest with you folks, I’m struggling to find a goddamn hopeful spin to put on all of this. I’d like to tell you that this is all going to get better from here; that with video evidence now streaming all around the globe, the mainstream media will finally be forced to accept the indisputable proof of widespread election fraud in our society. We both know however, that any such proclamation would be a worthless lie born of hope, fear and the inability to accept the truth – that we are now, truly and completely at war for the future of our democracy; not just with corporations, Republicans and fascists, but also with the mainstream media and the neoliberal leadership of the Democratic Party.

Furthermore, right now it is a conflict that the progressive movement in the United States is already losing. While a whole new generation of hopeful young voters were learning the rules of democracy and trying to beat the mainstream Democratic machine at it’s own game, the forces of neoliberalism were already moving into attack position – amassing the materials for war, sewing division within enemy ranks through propaganda and carefully preparing the field of battle to garner maximum advantage for Hillary Clinton.

The line of battle for this surprise assault was prepared in excruciating detail and absolutely nothing was left to chance because this conflict was always about more than just electing the corporate establishment’s hand-picked candidate; it was and is about shattering the burgeoning American socialist movement before it grows powerful enough to topple third way, centrist Democratic politics forever.

That is why you steal votes from a hardworking minority candidate you’ve done virtually everything to bury in the darkness of obscurity before primary season even fucking began.

That is why you would spend months searching out and targeting the most vulnerable, easily goddamn hackable voting machines in the country.

A savage, borderline suicidal surprise attack on progressivism and democracy just isn’t something you wheel out for shits and fucking giggles so you can steal an extra couple of delegates from a caucus primary almost nobody in the country really gives a damn about folks; this was about exercising power and sending a message for the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Go with the flow, don’t fuck with the system and vote for Hillary Clinton – or we will completely fucking destroy you.

This is definitely a full scale war and if you still don’t believe me, you need to ask yourself why the mainstream media is suddenly knocking out our ability to detect and identify election fraud at precisely the same goddamn time society as a whole is waking up to the reality of that fraud? That’s not just a metaphor folks; the TV networks that pay for exit polling have responded to widespread evidence of election fraud by canceling the mutherfucking exit polls investigators rely on to prove the vote has been rigged!

The situation is critical, the enemies of democracy have a massive technological advantage and it appears to be growing more all the goddamn time – a recent report by voting rights activist and American hero Bev Harris reveals that the mechanics of fixing a black box election have grown even more sophisticated in the years since her groundbreaking 2006 documentary: Hacking Democracy. Relying on code in the GEMS system that inexplicably allows fractions of a goddamn vote to be tallied, Harris reveals that new methods of cheating a machine counted election have only grown all that much harder to detect, verify and prevent. What possible fucking purpose could fractional voting software serve besides allowing election results to be manipulated – I mean, voting machine manufacturers are aware of the horrifying, racist history of fractional representation in this country, right?

Finally, and perhaps most importantly for at least this election – the socialist movement that has coalesced around Bernie Sanders is running out of time. At the very same moment that I sat here composing this article, significant evidence of widespread election fraud in the Kentucky Democratic Primary had already begun to break out across social media.

I honestly don’t know where we go from here. I don’t know what it will take to get the mainstream media to accept the obvious, damning evidence of election fraud in the 2016 Democratic Primary and indeed in hundreds of elections all across America since the introduction of black box voting machines. I don’t know if regular people are angry enough to take back their voting rights, or to march in the streets demanding an immediately return to hand counted, paper ballot voting. I don’t know if we can recreate the alliance between minority activism, the working class and students across the country that shook the pillars of power in 1968 and for one brief moment threatened to destroy the system unless it respected their rights as human beings.

Are we ready for a new civil rights movement? Are we ready for a new, New Deal? Are people finally ready to come together and form a new revolution that represents everyone or are we still easily divided by bullshit dogwhistles that make it simple for our corporate oppressors to shit on our rights and dignity with no fear of reprisal?

I don’t know the answer to these questions yet; frankly, I’m not sure there’s anyone out there who truly does. What I do know, is that the war against democracy, socialism and the progressive left has already been taken up by corporate America, the mainstream Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton; the most important question now is – can anybody stop neoliberalism from destroying the future of the country in its mad quest to steal this one, singular election for their anointed royal family?

Bring a crash helmet and a gas mask with you to Philly kids; I have a funny feeling things are about to get mighty goddamn interesting as the Democratic Nomination contest rolls into its final stages.

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