A Brief Encounter With Scotty Of The Many Names

Sometimes, when you’re feeling down in the dumps after a bigoted, abusive white feminist blogger attacks you online and all of her corporate media friends ignore your attempts to seek justice, a tiny ray of pure, unadulterated joy will find it’s way into your life. Today, I discovered that one of Sady Doyle’s repulsive, abusive neoliberal friends was a guy probably named Scott Henriksen who goes by @ScottyBurberry online and maintains an alt so he can harass people with impunity; @EtreEtro. Sounds charming I know, but trust me – the payoff here is incredible:


Owning Scott Burberry

Yes folks, that’s right; a 200lb white dude with a fake tough guy goddamn buzz cut, accused me (a post-op transgendered woman) of pretending to be a woman online – from his alternate, abusive account that has a woman’s face for an avatar. I really couldn’t make this shit up if I tried folks.





  • Nina Illingworth


Edit: I swear to god these people are so compulsively pathetic and self absorbed that they can’t help themselves – even knowing I’m going to screenshot the embarrassingly stupid and mindbogglingly awful shit they say. Scott got back in contact with me at literally 3:30 in the morning to unleash the following “sick burns” and put me in my place:


Scotty Is A Coward


Setting aside the fact that I don’t think Scotty could beat a used fucking condom at the dozens – are you starting to notice a pattern here yet folks? Deny you did anything wrong, call the person with screenshots of your abuse crazy, remind them that nobody will listen if they try to tell people what hypocritical shithead abusive goddamn neoliberal henchmen you are and then of course; after triumphantly declaring you are too powerful to fear the target of your abuse, snap block them out of the standard, craven, cowardice common to liars, abusers and narcissists:


Scotty is REALLY a Coward


Apparently, none of the people in this particular circle of friends understand the concept of a Google search. No, seriously; these people fancy themselves media professionals – I’m just as delightfully confused and inspired by their staggering lack of humanity, intelligence and personal integrity as you are my friends.


  • Nina Illingworth

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