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Hello again my friends! You’re probably wondering why I’m back posting more content on a lazy Sunday right? Well, I figured since the recent expiration of some domains I no longer want to pay for had already forced me to post some older content up this morning; I might as well go for broke and migrate a bunch of other content at the same time.

This time, we’ve got a serious of anonymous videos shot early last year and given to me by a wise and mysterious house cat with an incredibly foul mouth. While I would of course never admit to knowing who, or where the cat was – I have been entrusted with the four videos she made so far. The subjects range from philosophy to horrifying news stories from last year and although some of the material may be slightly dated, I still feel pretty good about sharing them again here:


Everyone is Wrong But Me Episode 1: Old Cat Rants Out Loud
Everyone is Wrong But Me Episode 2: The Canuckistani Patriot Act
Everyone is Wrong But Me Episode 3: A Zoo Story
Everyone is Wrong But Me Episode 4: Rahmtanamo Bay


New Episodes

EIWBM Episode 5: Punching Left & Empowering Fascism

Obviously I am not the cat, not responsible for anything she says and can’t put you in touch with her – I’m just sharing the videos 🙂

  • Nina Illingworth


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