A Response to Neoliberal Shitweasle Media

Editor’s note: well, I’m writing again which is better than going crazy because I can’t write to be sure. Unfortunately, it’s slow going because I’m a little rusty and in case you hadn’t noticed – the world has recently decided to pack six months worth of shocking news into each and every single day. It’s an interesting time to be a writer, and I do mean “interesting” in the fake Chinese proverb sense of the word. Hopefully, we’ll have a couple of short updates and a new, full length essay out this week; thank you for bearing with me. In the meantime, please enjoy the following educational meme:


As those of you who regularly read my website are well aware, I am not particularly fond of soulless and complicit neoliberal media drones in the goddamn slightest. Although I have rarely vocalized it, in some ways I consider the kind of person who hijacks leftist language to push an imperialist, corporate and downright colonial agenda to be far, far worse than openly fascist, far-right, shitheel agitators – if only because at least the grinning nazi fuckwit makes it easy to identify who’s gonna catch some hands when the lights go out.

Furthermore, as those of you who’ve visited my Wall of Shame have likely noticed, it is quite common for massive groups of these fake-journalist, media personality drones to seize on a particular talking point simultaneously and push that narrative as hard as it will fucking go. Recently, I have begun to encounter numerous members of the bought and paid for, mainstream media claiming that leftists who call them neoliberals are:


  • Using a made up word that literally has no meaning whatsoever
  • Using a word they don’t understand to describe anyone they don’t like


CuckWhatNow, setting aside the fact that if I looked like the goddamn hipster asshole version of Conner McGregor, I’d avoid talking shit about other people’s cognitive abilities; the simple truth is that you should probably do a simple google search before you accuse people of being too ignorant to do the same themselves. The modern usage of the term neoliberal has not only been well defined for over thirty years at this point, but it is completely and utterly appropriate to apply it to corporate media assclowns who shuffle for power gleefully at organizations that openly support neoliberal politicians – because it makes them rich. The term is also, completely appropriate when dealing with wealthy social media “influencers” who hide their own politics of self-interest and greed behind identity politics and insulting, vaguely racist tropes about the left.

In short, if you’re a rich goddamn prick who’s benefiting immensely from the openly incestuous relationship between wealth, government and powerful private corporations in this country – odds are pretty fucking good that you’re a neoliberal. We see you. In fact, even Wikipedia sees you dispshits; something you would know if you’d bothered to actually search up the term neoliberal before you opened your mouth.

Unfortunately, as a concept, neoliberalism doesn’t lend itself to a 140 character format; which is what makes it so goddamn easy for fake-left media to paint real leftists out as ignorant children, spouting names they don’t comprehend to attack their betters. You could spend all day explaining to some ass-rag you absolutely know is lying that neoliberalism is the offloading of public functions to the private sector for the express purpose of fucking everyone who isn’t rich out of every penny they possibly can – or, you can post this handy, one meme explanation I’ve created and then block the son of a bitch so you can move on with your life. With great power, comes great responsibility; feel free to share this image “liberally” and nuke these disingenuous mutherfuckers back to the stone age:


Neoliberalism Meme


Tl;dr – you gotta be some kinda fucking idiot to claim a word doesn’t exist or is being used incorrectly when the exact definition is available on fucking Wikipedia and it’s literally the first search result. Dear neoliberals; come harder or don’t come at all – this is embarrassing, even for goddamn collaborator puppets like you.


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