Devil in the Details: Strange Coincidences in the British Labour Party Coup

Editor’s Note: as those of you who read my previous post on the subject are no doubt aware, I’ve spent much of my recent time tracking the political situation and fallout from the Brexit vote in the UK. Recently, the raging debacle surrounding Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has resonated far across the ocean here in North America – especially for pinko writers who have developed a bit of a soft spot for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn; whose success lets me sleep at night when I see how much work still needs to be done “on this side of the pond.” Unfortunately, not all is well on this island of discontent at the moment and there seems to be significant evidence that crass, “Blairite” opportunists in the British Labour Party are using Brexit as an excuse to launch a self-serving coup against Corbyn.


Now before we get started, I would like to offer a full confession – I am neither a British person by nationality, nor a particularly avid watcher of British politics; at least until about two weeks before the Brexit vote when the issues surrounding it finally managed to penetrate the US media consciousness and various Op-Ed pieces. I am however a new fan of Youtube news sensation, writer and political activist Owen Jones and I’ve made a point of catching not only his show, but many of his public media appearances in what are often, quite hostile corporate media environments as well. In other words, I have enough passing familiarity to know the whos, whats and hows of British political life but I’ll be the first to admit that I’m lacking the necessary nuance to properly explain all of the whys in the context of a truly ancient nation with it’s own, richly diverse political history.

Naturally, in light of this confession; some of you may question if reading a dozen articles and catching a few hours of thoroughly fucking dreadful SkyNews broadcasts qualifies me to discuss British politics and you’d be completely right to do so – it doesn’t and if you’re looking for a thorough breakdown of what Brexit means for the British, this isn’t the article for you. I am however at heart, a bit of a muckraker who spends way too much time on Twitter; as a result, I couldn’t help but notice a series of fascinating “coincidences” surrounding the Labor Party and British Media’s attempts to depose popular party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Although, I fully accept that I may not be entirely qualified to expound at length on British politics, I am keenly aware of a ratfucking, neoliberal conspiracy when I see one and I’d like to draw attention to a long series of strange “coincidences” surrounding the attempted Labour Party coup:


  • This, in turn has created a fascinating dynamic whereby mainstream Labour Party members, the media and wealthy British elites are openly capable of banding together to try and force another leadership election (something they’ve now done, by voting no-confidence 172 -40 in Parliament; in a non-binding motion designed to increase pressure on Corbyn) but they are highly unlikely to actually get rid of Corbyn without either a massive scandal or the Labour leader’s own resignation – his popular support among voting members is simply too strong regardless of how much money Labour Party elites throw at deposing him.
  • Of course, arguably the greatest coincidence in this story is the fact that the whole saga started a mere two weeks before the release of the highly anticipated Chilcot Report; the summation of a seven year inquiry by the British government into the actions of (that name again!) Tony Blair and his former Labour government during the highly-illegal Iraq War. In yet another stunning coincidence, Jeremy Corbyn has gone on record stating that he would not hesitate to pursue Blair for war crimes if the report suggested Blair was guilty of them.
  • Although extremely recent indications have been that Blair will ultimately not be charged with war crimes, the outrage in the UK at this decision has been palpable and rumors persist that MPs from a variety of parties may attempt to use ancient Parliamentary law to impeach him anyways. Regardless, at the time the coup began against Corbyn there would have been no way to know the final outcome of the report and even in light of the findings; a leadership battle cuts significant oxygen from the growing inferno of British people calling for Blair’s arrest and prosecution.


Friends, as I have stated, I am not a British person and I am in fact, somewhat ignorant of your political history; so you will have to forgive me for using the unsophisticated, blunt language we Americans are famous for – something absolutely fucking stinks in the British Labour Party and it sure as fuck ain’t the 70 year old socialist leading the band. Why, if I didn’t know better I’d be inclined to think that cynical Blairties all across Britain in both the public and private sector had been just waiting for any opportunity to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn and thereby protect their degenerate, war criminal patron Tony Blair. One would almost think the Brexit vote has absolutely nothing to do with the matter at all and the Labour coup actually represents a civil war that’s been brewing for years between fake-left Labour elites and their genuinely exasperated and largely pinko, populist supporters. Of course, that’s just my completely uninformed, Yankee opinion.

Aston Villa ‘Till I Die.


  • Nina Illingworth


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