Marching Orders: Mainstream Media DNC Leak Memes

Editor’s Note: I am, as we speak, hard at work on a piece about the breaking Democratic National Committee leaks from Wikileaks and in particular the growing evidence that that the DNC actively colluded with elements of the mainstream media to fix the nomination for Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders. This is big news my friends and it’s extremely important that I get all my facts lined up before I churn out a column; good journalism takes time.

In the meantime, since it is now fairly clear that outlets like MSNBC, CNN, Time and Politico were all “coordinating” with the DNC in favor of Clinton; I threw together a small collection of quick memes you can use online to draw focus to the real issue the DNC leaks raise – enjoy.


Mainstream Media DNC Leak Memes


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Mainstream Meda JPG 3


Mainstream Meda JPG 5


Always keep your eye on the ball my friends. The scandal here is that people in the mainstream media were coordinating with the DNC to elect Hillary Clinton and fix the nomination process against Bernie Sanders – to the point that they were fishing for dirt about Bernie with the DNC and in at least one unbelievable case, running entire stories by the DNC before printing them. That is almost certainly illegal and it is absolutely a serious violation of professional ethics for everyone involved.

I repeat, the media is helping an aspect of the Democratic Party fix the Primary process – that is both insanely corrupt and extremely important. Don’t take your eyes off the ball; this has nothing to do with Vladimir Putin, personal credit card information or helping Trump.


  • Nina Illingworth

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