Hillary Clinton, Imperialism and the Lesser of Two Evils – Part One

Editor’s note: unfortunately, a recent health issue involving my notably aged cat and a blistering heatwave in the city where I reside have conspired to keep me away from writing the past few days. I have not lost passion for the struggle, but I would be a liar if I didn’t admit that I’m exhausted (and sad) on a level I’m not sure is healthy. At this point, the US government and the mainstream media have turned the bullshit factory onto overdrive and even without the issues in my private life, I would have no hope of keeping up.

Today, I’d like to take a moment to address the most horrifying tragedy of the 2016 US Presidential Election – the fact that Hillary Clinton probably is the lesser of two evils between the two major party candidates and that likely spells disaster for much of the Western world in the very near future.

This article will be lengthy and contain numerous, extremely relevant links. In the interests of keeping such a long and heavily sourced work readable, I’ve decided to break it up into parts; which will hopefully also function as stand-alone reading experiences – the true completist need not worry however, because I intend to collect them all together into one essay when we’re finished.

Finally, please be mindful that while it is not entirely necessary to click on all the embedded links in this article, your comprehension of the piece will be vastly improved by doing so – to be perfectly honest with you, I’m growing exceptionally tired of explaining to naysayers that they can’t demand “sources” if they won’t be bothered to click on the sources I provide throughout the article.


Greetings, Salutations & Opening Remarks

Friends, can we talk directly for a while again?

I really don’t want to get in the habit of writing personal letters like this and right now I’m trying to wade through over five full pages of links on the DNC Leaks scandal – which really might be more like seven separate scandals when all is said and done; each one of them representing a grave violation of American rights and indeed, in many cases the law itself.

Unfortunately, I need to talk to you about the 2016 US Presidential Election, it’s going to take a little while and I am fully goddamn aware that you probably have no desire to talk about that subject anymore after roughly a year of election coverage being shoved in your face at every waking moment.

I get it and I empathize, I really do; there’s a part of me that can’t fucking wait for December already. It would be really comforting to me on a personal level if I could honestly believe that once this election is over things will go back to normal again. Sadly however, I already know already that this is not possible at all – regardless of who wins in a contest that’s largely shaping up to be a battle between criminal imperialism and kleptocratic fascism.

Did that last remark sound extreme to you? If it did, it’s probably because you’ve been primarily consuming lies constructed by corporate, mainstream media with a vested interest in convincing you everything is fine and that we are not watching a fundamental breakdown in American democracy – brought on, at least in part by a looming electoral contest between the two least popular presidential candidates in US history.

Before we get started and in a show of good faith, I would like to remind you that you all still have my solemn promise that I will never, ever tell you who to vote for in any election. I have always felt that the role of a journalist (or blogger) is to present information and draw forth natural conclusions from that information for her audience – the very concept of a member of the media openly endorsing a candidate, any candidate, strikes me as entirely contrary to the role of an independent press.

Furthermore, I am fully aware that many of you reading this intend to vote for Hillary Clinton this fall and on many levels, I certainly cannot blame you for doing so. Nothing I’m about to say should be interpreted as an endorsement of open misogynist Donald Trump who I acknowledge is a thief, a liar and quite possibly out of his mind – in addition to being a known racist and articulating reprehensible policies designed to savagely discriminate against Muslim Americans.

In short, I understand completely why some of you feel compelled to vote for Hillary Clinton right now and I respect both your reasoning and your right to do so; the problem is that when the sun comes up on the morning of November 9th – there is a very good chance that we’re all going to be facing the stark reality that the “lesser” evil is still, in fact, quite seriously fucking evil in it’s own right.


The Ghosts of Clinton’s Past

Let me be frank with you – I tried as hard as I possibly could to like Hillary Clinton at the start of the Democratic nomination process. I did so primarily because a number of my friends are socially responsible feminists who, through intelligent, reasoned discussion, allowed me to understand the importance of electing the first female President of the United States; even if that president was by no means my idea of an ideal candidate.

I decided in that moment, that for the sake of equality, I would do my very best to ignore that Hillary had been a corrupt, yet irrelevant Senator, a divisive, at times even racist Presidential Candidate and literally one of the worst Secretary of States in the history of the United States.

There was also however, another far more personal reason I actively decided to give Clinton the benefit of the doubt; namely that I believe that human beings are indeed capable of profound personal growth over time and while I’m not entirely sure Hillary ever quite convinced me she’d actually done so – I was at least prepared to accept the idea as possible when this whole process began.

Even as mounting evidence of her general insincerity grew in the lead up to and early portions of the primary season, I assumed that Hillary Clinton was simply another in a long line of semi-corrupt Democratic politicians who’ve run for President; albeit an exceptionally dishonest one with a long and sordid history of utterly failing to keep her promises while actively supporting horrible policies that destroyed millions of lives around the globe.

In retrospect, all of that sounds pretty horrible but if we’re being honest with ourselves it’s not exactly a stark deviation from the current Obama administration. Although I am cognizant of the fact that President Obama is horribly maligned in right wing media, I’m also fully aware of the incalculable damage he’s done to America through expanded NSA surveillance programs, fundamentally pro-corporate legislation and the drone assassination program – among many other, extremely damaging policies.

The truth is, that despite his many promises; America has never ceased to be at war during his entire term in office and when Hillary Clinton describes herself as inheriting Obama’s presidency, I believe her, up to a certain point – even if I continued to regard her husband as both one of the most reprehensible public figures in modern history and a genuinely terrible POTUS. Again, the key here is I considered Clinton “acceptable” at this point, but only just barely.

That isn’t exactly a good thing mind you, but when your primary competition is a pack of raging, fundamentalist pricks who keep eating themselves, it’s hard not to look better than you really are by comparison. Thus, there was a point in time, as recently perhaps as March of this year, where I could easily and sincerely make the argument that Clinton would automatically be a better choice for President than whatever retrograde, nightmare factory monster the GOP was going to put forward – and that was before they actually fucking nominated Trump!

Unfortunately, over the course of the last four months that I have spent investigating and writing about Hillary Clinton, I have come to realize that she is in fact arguably the single greatest threat to peace, the rule of law and democracy in the country – and the only reason it’s arguable at all is because her opponent, Donald Trump is just as likely to replicate her total disrespect for the law, the importance of a free/independent press and democracy in general.

This isn’t about who you’re voting for next November anymore, this is about whether or not there’s even going to be such a thing as “America” after this election is over.


Media Magic

I realize that from outside some of the things I’ve said here probably sound like hyperbole but let’s review some of the stories we’ve already covered here, just on this very website:

In April, we looked at overwhelming evidence that the Clinton campaign was actively colluding with the mainstream (and ostensibly liberal) media to smear Bernie Sanders and thereby help Clinton win the Democratic Nomination. It was also around that same time that I launched the Wall of Shame – an entire, massive page of Twitter screenshots that collectively help uncover the obvious, even staggering mainstream media bias against Sanders and towards Clinton.

Although many people laughed off such claims as preposterous at the time, we know now  with absolute certainty that the Democratic National Committee was in fact actively colluding with the media to fix the nomination process for Hillary Clinton – keep this in mind, because it’s going to come up again.

Before we go any further however, I would like to take a moment to talk to you about why this scandal alone is both utterly terrifying and an extremely good example of the threat Hillary Clinton already represents to democracy in the country. No less an authority than Thomas Jefferson wrote (in reply to George Washington) that “no government ought to be without censors, and where the press is free, no one ever will” – among his many, numerous writings on the importance of a free and independent press in American democracy. The First Amendment of the US Constitution bars Congress from “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press” precisely because the role of a free and independent press is so absolutely vital to the proper function of a democratic society.

Naturally, Hillary Clinton is not “Congress” and as of this moment, she’s not even an elected public official (yet.) Despite this, you cannot tell me with straight goddamn face that the Clinton family’s longstanding, open financial ties to large media companies they helped create don’t paint a stark and horrifying picture of what an “independent” press might look like under Hillary; especially when we’ve already fucking caught mainstream media helping to rig the nomination process in her favor!

It doesn’t matter if you personally don’t feel the primary was rigged enough to affect the final result. It doesn’t matter if it’s not technically against the law (although, it might be – I’m not a lawyer) or if you feel  other politicians (like Trump) would do the same. It doesn’t even matter if you’re so naive that you honestly believe Clinton has no hand in this whatsoever and the mainstream, ostensibly “liberal” media just really fucking likes her.

What matters is there is a staggering goddamn amount of evidence that Clinton’s existing financial relationships with large media companies through both her political campaigns and the Clinton foundation have resulted in a number of those same companies actively working to ultimately get her elected. This relationship and level of collusion absolutely represents a serious threat to American democracy in it’s own right and there’s no rational reason to believe this will magically get better somehow when Clinton actually takes office.


Primary Concerns

Are you starting to understand the petrifying problem a politician like Clinton represents for American democracy yet? If all of these things can spill out into the public record through social media, deductive reasoning and organizations like Wikileaks; but the mainstream media (which is itself, in on the scam) refuses to draw the obvious, necessary conclusions or even report on it at fucking all in some cases – how can the public hold those politicians accountable?

Isn’t controlling the information flow in the service of one candidate for all intents and purposes almost the same as rigging an election when you get down to brass tacks? Why would politicians, media companies and advertisers spend billions of dollars on commercials if media didn’t have the power to actively influence your decisions?

Is that point too esoteric for you? Relax, there’s also evidence that the election was just straight up rigged in Clinton’s favor at the ballot counting level anyway!

That’s right, we did actually go a little further down the election fraud rabbit hole in late April with the Wicked Game: The Clandestine Murder of Democracy in America series – including three articles that focused on evidence of election fraud in the 2016 Democratic Primaries, an election fraud bibliography and an HBO documentary about hacking voting machines. Although the primary focus of these articles was the overwhelming mathematical evidence of widespread election fraud uncovered by examining exit polls; this series also included evidence of targeted voter purges, video of an absolutely farcical audit hearing in Chicago and a detailed breakdown of the objectively stolen Nevada State Convention.

Unfortunately, while I genuinely feel that my series of articles successfully presented overwhelming evidence of election fraud in the 2016 Democratic Primary – a brief illness, the email server scandal and the rapidly expanding size of the story prevented me from following up on the subject any further. By that time however the story had grown so large that when the mainstream media openly and wrongfully declared Hillary Clinton the Democratic Nominee the day before the objectively goddamn corrupt California Primarylarger media organizations began to take notice.

Despite all of this compelling (and growing) evidence of election fraud in the 2016 Democratic Primary, these allegations too were laughed off as preposterous in real time. That position however continues to grow more ridiculous on it’s very goddamn face with the release of each new academic paper and professional election fraud report.

Research papers like the one written by Rodolfo Cortes Barragan & Axel Geijsel that legendary fact-checking site Snopes.com spent over a thousand words trying to discredit before rating it half true; despite the fact that they were never able to identify a fault with its actual findings – just its presentation as a meme on the internet!

Or their follow up report that shows voting irregularities in the 2016 Democratic primary season could be directly linked to companies that donated to the Clinton Foundation. This report went deeper into state by state data and found that Clinton vastly outperformed pre-election polling only in states with electronic voting machines that leave no paper trail and are provided by corporations that donate heavily to the Clinton Foundation; namely Dominion Voting and H.I.G Capital. In states where this was not true (as well as the entire Republican primary season) the pollsters were exceptionally accurate – in Clinton’s case we’re talking about a “statistically inconsequential 1% difference” as opposed to an average of 9% in states where the shady preconditions were met!

What about the utterly damning and extremely professional 38 page report put together by Election Justice USA entitled “An Electoral System In Crisis” which goes even deeper into both direct and mathematical evidence of election fraud in the 2016 Democratic Primary and numerous other elections? These elections (and especially the 2016 Dem primaries) have consistently produced discrepancies between “small precinct and large precinct election returns, and noticeable differences between hand-counted and machine-counted votes” in a pattern that strongly indicates election fraud.

If you think that’s terrifying, you should check out Election Justice USA’s 100 page follow-up report “Democracy Lost: A Report on the Fatally Flawed 2016 Democratic Primaries” for a full account of the absolutely staggering amount of evidence that the entire process was rigged for Hillary Clinton – again, we’re not just talking math here folks; forged signatures, illegal voter purges and legal proceedings are all laid out clearly in plain and simple language.

About those legal proceedings – are you even aware that there are now five (page 15, Illinois) ongoing lawsuits built around clear evidence of election fraud in the 2016 Democratic Primary? Do you think all of those people just wanted to try their luck with the American legal system out of spite; including numerous, highly respected lawyers? Remember, none of this is happening in a vacuum – this evidence and these questions exist alongside the DNC Leaks that show the nomination process was at best, heavily slanted in Clinton’s favor; and at worst, outright rigged against Bernie Sanders.

Before we move on to the next section, I’d just like to stop and sum up what we’ve learned already if you’ve been following the links – Hillary Clinton is an aggressively imperialist, warmongering politician with a thirty year track record of lies, failure and close association with financial corruption; who is also a threat to the freedom of press and the proper function of democratic elections, or at least primaries.

Are you still with me? Maybe you should grab a glass of water or something because I’m not even remotely done yet my friends.


Continued in Hillary Clinton, Imperialism and the Lesser of Two Evils Part Two

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