Breaking: Did Julian Assange Just Say What I Think He Did?

Editor’s Note: I don’t normally do this sort of thing, but there is almost no chance whatsoever you’re going to hear about this from mainstream, non-right wing media organizations – so here is an absolutely shocking update on the ongoing Wikileaks/DNC scandal and (almost certainly) the murder of former DNC Staffer Seth Rich.

The following, two minute segment of the Dutch television news program “Nieuwsuur” is embedded here with no rights or authority whatsoever – I’ve saved a copy in case it mysteriously vanishes down the YouTube hole but I’d much rather give Nieuwsuur the views because oh wow, is this the story of a century my friends:



Okay, there are a few absolutely goddamn mind-blowing things to unpack in this video so let’s dive right in:

Yes, Julian Assange just brought up the still unsolved murder of former DNC Staffer Seth Rich; completely unsolicited and while trying to illustrate the potential risks Wikileaks sources face… on a public news program he undoubtedly knew the world would eventually see!

Furthermore, when directly questioned by the excellent host of our show, the Wikileaks founder absolutely refused to back down on the strong implication that Rich was a source; offering only the most technical explanation possible for why he cannot definitively confirm it – namely that Wikileaks doesn’t comment on who their sources are.

Finally, even when the host indignantly informs Assange “it’s quite something to suggest a murder; that’s basically what you are doing” the editor-in-chief offers only a tepid note that “we are investigating” and “there is not a conclusion yet” before adding “we wouldn’t be willing to say a conclusion, but we are concerned about it.”

Just let all that roll around in your skull for a second because the importance of these facts simply cannot be overstated – and they are supported by examining the background evidence available to us:



In other words, Assange knew exactly what he was implying when he brought up the Seth Rich murder and there’s simply way too much at stake here for Wikileaks, their sources and the United States as a whole for that action to have been a mistake.

He’s making the connection deliberately, in a way that would be completely out of character and heinously unsafe if his source were still alive; while still signaling to future sources that he will not, under any circumstances reveal their identity. It’s a nervous tight-rope to walk, but Assange does it with practiced confidence that tells you he was not making an off the cuff comment in the slightest.

By now Assange knows that an already hostile American media will absolutely fucking destroy him if this turns out to be a red herring. Additionally, he wouldn’t be laying twenty grand on the line if he didn’t have at least something to go on here; the cost to both his personal reputation and that of Wikileaks as a whole would be both incalculable and utterly devastating.

In short, Julian Assange is playing to win folks and while I’m certain he has no way of connecting Hillary Clinton with the murder of Seth Rich as of yet; I’m equally certain that he’s searching for that evidence night and day, perhaps even at this very moment.

He wanted the whole world to know that Rich was a Wikileaks source and a card player with his skill never tips his hand early; unless he’s looking for the last piece of the puzzle. This is the kind of secret that topples administrations and pulls down empires; the kind of secret a guy like Assange was born to expose – there is absolutely zero chance (in my opinion) that the Wikileaks founder is fucking with you here.

Somehow, some way, the 2016 US Presidential Election just got even more terrifying. If this turns out to be true and Assange can eventually prove it, all hell is gonna break loose immediately; if he fails, what he’s said already will destroy Wikileaks forever.

Two (wo)men enter, one man leaves; it’s either Clinton or Assange this time and the outcome of this war of reputations will undoubtedly change the world as we know it.

Let’s hope that for once, justice wins.


  • Nina Illingworth


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