Info Meme of the Week: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Pt Four – Mike Pompeo

Editor’s Note: after taking a day off to watch Michigan’s quarterback shit all over himself in a game my Wolverines would have won anyway without alarming fuckery by the referees, I’m back with part four of our new series looking at the terrifying pack of bigots, crackpots and fundie fascists Donald Trump is bringing into key US Government positions; a group I like to call The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

So far we’ve examined Trump’s objectively goddamn disturbing choices for National Security Advisor, Secretary of Education and Attorney General; today we’re taking a look at Trump’s shocking (and notably fucking terrible) pick for Director of the CIA – a fat, greasy fuck named Mike Pompeo who thinks torture works, wants to execute American hero Edward Snowden and is so far up the Koch brother’s collective asshole he can smell what they had for lunch.

For those unfamiliar with the Info Meme of the Week, it’s a semi-regular feature where we a look at one issue, scandal or in this case person largely being misreported in the media in the form of a single, easy-to-share meme that’s backed up by a few verifiable sources underneath the photo. No rants, speeches or explanations required – just facts, in one detailed snapshot for all of your “owning disingenuous Koch-funded troll” needs online.





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Frankly, the most shocking thing about Mike Pompeo may well be all the crazy, neanderthal Republican and/or fundie shit about him I didn’t have room to properly meme; he has accused a fellow congressman of having deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, he’s stridently pro-life/anti-abortion in literally the craziest way possible (but less openly anti-same sex marriage) and at one point he actually urged servicemen at Guantanamo Bay to disobey their military oath of service and defy the President if he ordered prisoners transferred from Gitmo to the United States.

In other words – Mike Pompeo is a desiccated, zombified shit-demon left behind by the terrifying legacy of the American Tea Party movement and subsisting on bigotry, fear and Koch network dirty money; a curious, if not entirely predictable choice for a Trump administration that eked it’s way into office in part by promising to “drain the swamp” in Washington, DC. At this point it’s becoming quite obvious that Trump’s incoming government is going to be an utterly noxious mix of warmongering, neocon ghouls, renowned racists, bigots or nationalists and boot-licking lackeys that serve the interests of terrifying, radical libertarian billionaires – with a strong fundamentalist influence to boot.

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(In fact, I’m actually begging you to post this someplace else; whether that be Facebook, your favorite forum, Reddit or whatever – I’m desperately struggling to get my work out to people and it kinda feels like I’m getting lost in a sea of media lies as my audience shrinks; it’s hard to be an independent journalist living on donations if nobody ever sees your work my friends.)

Stay strong, fight nationalism and Swing Heil.


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