Secretary of the Precious: Wilbur Ross Jr Comedy Meme Collection

Editor’s note: every once in a while, working on an important project will suddenly lead me towards a moment of absurdity that immediately takes over my entire brain and makes working without properly addressing this phenomena first, utterly impossible. I tell you this now because while looking up suitable meme images for Trump’s noxious new Secretary of Commerce, I suddenly noticed that Wilbur Ross Jr looks pretty much exactly like Gollum in the popular fantasy film series, Lord of the Rings whenever he smiles – and I could not shake that horrible idea!

Thus, the Secretary of the Precious meme collection was born and I share it here now with you in the interests of levity; no sources, just (hopefully) funny memes. Please be advised that this is simply a bit of humor; we’re definitely going to get into what a piece of goddamn work Ross is during our regular Brotherhood of Evil Mutant series – they don’t call this prick the King of Bankruptcy for nothing, after all.






As always, I have no problem with readers sharing these memes wherever they like and only request that if you enjoyed a meme and you’re feeling kind – you point people back towards this site. Thanks in advance and keep on meme-ing my friends.


  • Nina Illingworth


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