Info Meme of the Week: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Pt Nine – Wilbur Ross Jr

Editor’s note: despite my best efforts to “just move on,” I’m still struggling to write long-form material in the wake of losing my best friend on earth last week; between my ongoing sadness and my upcoming move to a new home at the end of this month, it’s safe to say I’m a little stressed right now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to settle down and get into some deep writing at some point before Christmas but in the meantime I thought I’d get back to our ongoing look at the disturbing gaggle of crackpots, bigots and nightmare vulture capitalists Donald Trump is appointing to his cabinet; a group I like to call the “Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.”

Next up in our glutinous gaggle of monstrous greedbags is a billionaire investor with deep ties to Wall Street and a dark past who’s curiously being promoted by Republican sycophants as a blessing to the American worker; a man known as “the King of Bankruptcy” and Donald Trump’s choice for US Secretary of Commerce – Wilbur Ross Jr.




Wilbur Ross: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Wilbur Ross Jr owned a mine where 12 miners died in 2006

N.Y. Exec Knew of Problems: Ex-Honchos

Wilbur Ross Fast Facts

Cabinet Pick Wilbur Ross Has Used Trade to His Benefit

‘King of bankruptcy’ would be complicated choice for Commerce

Who is Wilbur Ross?

SEC fines Wilbur Ross firm $2.3 million over fees

Wilbur Ross: “I’m Backing Rudy Giuliani”

Wilbur Ross, considered “king of bankruptcy,” named commerce secretary

‘Vulture’ or ‘Phoenix’? Wilbur Ross, Risk-Taker, Is Eyed for Commerce Post


While it’s unarguably true that Ross is by no means the worst Evil Mutant Trump is attempting to bring into the US government, it also says a fuck lot about the coming Trump administration that a billionaire vulture capitalist who may be indirectly responsible for the deaths of twelve American workers is being successfully passed off as a “moderate” or even “hopeful” choice by our incoming swine emperor. The simple truth is that before the 2008 financial crisis, guys like Ross were recognized as wealthy parasites preying on the American worker; now however, people are just so goddamn desperate to keep their jobs that men who use globalization to buy up failed American companies at pennies on the dollar are hailed as heroes simply because they spare a small handful of workers the unemployment line. Plus, the little son of a bitch objectively looks like Gollum and while that’s not a good enough reason to disqualify him as a potential Secretary of Commerce -it is pretty goddamn creepy.

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Although we’ve taken a few days off of cataloging the nightmarish choices President-elect Trump is naming to his cabinet, the Donald himself has continued to reward some of the worst human beings in the country with a tremendous amount of power; power that few of these warmongering, neocon ghouls and fundamentalist whackjobs seem prepared for in any reasonable sense. The truth is that there is no sign whatsoever that Trump’s future choices will be any better than the notably fucking terrible picks he has made to form his government thus far and it’s probably going to be a long holiday season of meme-blasting some of the shittiest human beings alive here on

Stay strong, fight vulture capitalism and Swing Heil.


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