Bernie Woulda Won Movie Meme Collection

Editor’s Note: simply put; I have recently found myself up to my eyeballs in preparations to move over the next week or so and as such I’ve had very little time to write the past few days. This situation is of course not permanent, but for the moment I’m definitely struggling to create and post content here on

In the meantime, I’ve spent whatever downtime I have available on Twitter; a veritable hive of shitposting and memery where it is utterly essential that you communicate your ideas in the simplest possible terms to avoid being purposely taken out of context by an army of paid media trolls. A few days ago, someone re-tweeted a delightful parody video of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by filmmaker Andrew Calloway and at some point I started searching up “Bernie Would Have Won” memes to share online; along with a link to the hilarious parody video.

Imagine my surprise then when I found only a few, mostly lame “Bernie Woulda Won” memes to share with a Google search. At once outrage and undaunted, I set out to create my own collection of Bernie Woulda Won memes for internet shitposting purposes; sharable by all. Bellow you’ll find a twelve-pack of extremely dank memes; most of which are vaguely based around popular 80’s and 90’s movies in keeping with the theme from Calloway’s video. I’ve also embedded said video below but would ask that you click through and watch it on Youtube instead of just hitting play; Andrew has made one of the best videos of 2016 and it’s a crying shame that tens of thousands more people haven’t had a chance to see it yet:



Once again, please be reminded that I didn’t have anything whatsoever to do with the creation of the above video; it merely inspired the memes listed below:














As always, I have no problem with readers sharing these memes wherever they like and only request that if you enjoyed a meme and you’re feeling like helping me get my work out – you point people back towards this site.

Finally, if you’re interested, you can find out which movie each meme is from by clicking on the picture – I vouch for all of them with the exception of Next Friday (definitely stick with the original) and the last one; which is of course not a movie at all but rather an infamous awards ceremony outburst by everyone’s favorite self-promoter, Kanye West.


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