Info Meme of the Week: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Pt Eleven – Ben Carson

Editor’s note: as America (and indeed, much of the western world) looks on in abject horror, it has become objectively clear that Donald Trump’s nightmare government full of fundamentalists, warmongers and psychotic libertarian billionaires bears more than just a striking resemblance to fascism. Although many likely assumed I was joking when I began referring to Trump as “the swine emperor” and criticizing his dictatorial style of communication in our Brotherhood of Evil Mutants series; the simple truth is that Trump believes he’s been elected to directly control the country in a manner that no President before his time would deem appropriate. There’s simply no getting around the fact that the shit has hit the fan in America anymore; there’s a very real chance that Trump’s reliance on nightmarish (and potentially illegal) executive orders will trigger a full blown constitutional crisis and all the while, Herr Donald’s disgusting, ethno-nationalist advisor Steve Bannon seems to grow more powerful by the day.

It is at times like these that I am reminded of the famous quote often (falsely) attributed to Vladimir Lenin – “There are decades when weeks happen, and weeks when decades happen.” Lenin might not actually have said it, but we’re sure as fuck living it in the age of Trump as we speak my friends; let’s dive right back in to catching you up on as many bits and pieces of this unfolding nightmare as I can commit to paper by continuing our examination of Donald Trump’s horrifying cabinet with a look at our wholly unqualified and potentially fucking insane new Secretary of Housing & Urban Devlopment – Dr. Ben Carson:





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Over time I have noticed that there is a disturbing tendency for critics on the left to dismiss Carson as a largely harmless, if not grandfatherly goofball who says crazy things in a comical voice. This is in my opinion a serious fucking mistake because it ignores the fact that Ben is wholly unqualified to serve in government, openly bigoted against numerous groups of Americans and a man who’s repeatedly, even pathologically lied about his entire past. Furthermore, Carson’s disturbing habit of injecting his fundamentalist worldview into matters of governance and his repeated insistence that opposition to Republican doctrine resembles the horrors of Nazi Germany is the exact kind of absurd propaganda that has allowed fascism to take hold inside the wing of the Republican Party that vociferously supports Donald Trump. Finally of course, the fact that Carson is supposedly a “man of science” who actively denies establish scientific theories the GOP finds inconvenient as well as being an African American who frequently denies the existence of obvious racism in this country serves to only to increase his value for the Trump administration as a weapon against critics who attack the President’s openly anti-science and demonstrably racist policies.

In short, Ben Carson is one of the craziest, most dangerous mutherfuckers in all of politics and as of now he’s running a department with a $47 billion budget that oversees assistance programs serving more than five million of poorest household’s in America and administers billions of dollars more in community development funds – there is nothing cuddly or harmless about that, let me assure you.


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