Info Meme of the Week: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Pt Thirteen – Mike Pence

Editor’s note: as I mentioned in our last Brotherhood of Evil Mutants post; I’m currently trying to chew through all of the important members of Donald Trump’s new nightmare administration before that rat-fucker Bannon manages to actively transform the government into the Breitbart Dork Reich. I’m also doing my best to finish an essay about our current descent into proto-fascism (at least) that I feel is extremely important and in light of this, I figured I’d skip the lengthy editor’s note for today’s post.

The simple truth is that a man as infamous as Mike Pence really doesn’t need much of an introduction to anyone who’s read a newspaper in the last five years and it is by no means a coincidence that I chose him for our ominous thirteenth installment of this series; strap on your barf bags folks, because *this* mutherfucker is a fetid puddle of runny dogshit:





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Arguably the easiest way to highlight what a tremendously shitty human being Mike Pence is, would be to point out that despite having two full panels and using some of the smallest text I’m prepared to meme with; I still couldn’t find room to mention his bigoted crusade against Syrian refugees, the highly unethical financial scandal that almost destroyed his career, or the time he refused to call admitted neo-nazi David Duke “deplorable” in one of the most bizarre interviews I’ve ever seen on television. Frankly, I probably could have gotten an entire third panel out of his sparking National Rifle Association rating and his openly anti-labor record during his time in politics alone – we are after all talking about a staggeringly unpopular, ardent fundamentalist who is so obviously nuts that people openly speculate that he’s swine emperor Trump’s ultimate insurance policy against impeachment.

In short, Mike Pence is a walking goddamn trashfire and the only reason he isn’t managing a fucking Sizzler right now is that the Vice Presidency is not an elected position in American politics.


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