Comedy Meme Collection: Nancy Pelosi Sees No Evil

Editor’s note: yesterday, I found myself with the (what I hope) is rare opportunity to watch a highly-respected American politician openly lie to me about matters of law and government that any high school student could debunk with a Civics textbook; yes my friends, Nancy Pelosi has once again taken the coward’s way out and openly normalized a trashfire president by emphatically declaring that there are as of yet no grounds to impeach Donald Trump – which, is a lie.

Whether or not the Democrats in fact *could* successfully impeach Trump (nope) is a largely irrelevant matter in my humble opinion, the problem with Pelosi’s statement is pretty much the same problem with her previous declaration that impeaching Bush was “off the table” – it provides an objectively dangerous, openly criminal regime with a “non-partisan” ideological shield to defend both their current crooked malfeasance and future, even more horrible bullshitery; after all, if even Nancy Pelosi is saying that Congress has no grounds to impeach Trump, why exactly should the GOP majority be inspired to turn against their own (admittedly odious) president? At this rate, Nancy Pelosi has literally done more to protect the Republican Party from scrutiny and censure on a lifetime basis than Ollie fucking North.

I assume you can see where I’m going with this right? The first two memes below are things Pelosi actually said and the memes underneath are all hypothetical responses I feel Pelosi might have given if asked about some of the biggest crimes in American history – please enjoy:














Yeap, I’m objectively a pretty sick fucking puppy; I guess it’s fair to say that liars like Nancy just bring out the worst in me – please don’t let them send me to Tremendous Patriotic Labor Camp for Traitor Hippy Communists #217, my friends.


  • Nina Illingworth


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