A Brief Thought: The Real Reason Flynn Must Walk the Plank

Editor’s note: as those of you who regularly visit this website may already be aware, I am decidedly not a fucking fan of Trump’s National Security Advisor, retired Lt. General Michael Flynn; who is objectively just about as hateful, loathsome and unhinged of a figure as you’ll find in the history of US government. I mention this by way of explaining that I am not in any goddamn way sad to hear rumors that Flynn will soon be forced to resign from his position because he’s literally become a walking shitmagnet for President Trump – a guy who certainly knows a shitmagnet when he sees one after a lifetime of staring at one in the mirror every morning.

No, I will not in any way be disappointed to see Flynn walk the plank when his moment finally arrives, but as you’ll see in today’s Brief Thought; I am still more than a little curious as to how a notably dishonest, anti-Islamic little ratfucker like the retired Lt. General even made it *this* far:  



Look, don’t get me wrong; it’s not like Flynn colluding with the Russian ambassador and then getting caught in a lie about it isn’t a serious enough issue to fire him – it absolutely is and for the sake of the entire country this son of a bitch certainly needs to go.

With that having been noted however, I think it says a lot to Muslim observers around the globe that America was largely prepared to tolerate an openly bigoted National Security Advisor who clearly wouldn’t mind wiping their religion (and presumably all of it’s adherents) off the map but absolutely lost it’s fucking mind when he lied about discussing Russian sanctions in a meeting that would have been totally above board if it just occurred after Trump was sworn in.

In short, America is currently a place where it’s okay to openly hate, fear and proselytize against roughly 23% of the global population but for fuck’s sake man – don’t do it until the swine emperor has uttered an oath he has no intention of keeping, on top of a book he’s never read; or you’re fucking out!

Note: as always, please feel free to share this meme anywhere you like; it’s pretty much impossible to combat Islamophobia in America if we aren’t prepared to talk about examples it in our very public spheres of power.


  • Nina Illingworth


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