A Brief Thought: Jason Chaffetz is Total Dogshit

Editor’s note: the subject of today’s Brief Thought is actually from an incident that happened a few days back but was simply too utterly fucking repugnant to let it vanish down the memory hole in what has become an utterly chaotic news churn under the Trump administration.

At the rate things are unfolding, there is a non-zero percent chance that Jason Chaffetz will be among the leading contenders for the GOP nomination in 2020 and recent pressure has caused him to finally cave and start investigating some of Trump’s more obscene violations as President. Assuming the past is any indication, this pivot towards less than total servility towards Trump will make Chaffetz some kind of hero among right-leaning Democrats – which is why it is vitally important that absolutely nobody ever forgets the shit @jasoninthehouse pulled this past weekend:



Note: Please remember that if you’re having trouble reading this meme, just right click on the picture and select “view this image” to pop out a larger version. Additionally, please feel free to share this image anywhere you like; Chaffetz is a selfish coward and the sooner people realize it, the less likely it is he’ll rise beyond his current station because he has the barest amount of charisma in a party sorely lacking that quality.

Look, as politicians go there is simply no question that Jason Chaffetz is ten pounds of monkey shit stuffed into a five pound bag; his latest stunt however goes far beyond the boundaries of traditional partisan fuckery in American politics and veers into something noticeably darker. I frankly couldn’t give a damn if Chaffetz ever investigates Trump’s “ties” to Vladimir Putin but his horrifying response to being aggressively heckled by Utah voters was both revealing and completely unacceptable.

There is no such goddamn thing as a “paid protestor” and this blatantly false attack has been repeatedly used by ethno-nationalists in recent months to both attack protests against Trump and slide in some bonus attacks against George Soros that typically carry more than a passing whiff of antisemitism. This isn’t to say that George Soros is a nice guy somehow, or that protests are completely spontaneous affairs with no organization; but not even the most power-hungry billionaires on the planet can secretly pay hundreds of thousands of people to demonstrate against Donald Trump without leaving a papertrail more significant than Photoshopped “Craigslist ads” that have mysteriously always been “taken down” by the time you hear about them and now exist only in screenshot form. The “outside agitators” lie on the other hand, has a far older history and was particularly popular in the American South during the height of the Civil Rights Era among local authorities who savagely oppressed African Americans in their districts and claimed that nobody “from around here ever complained.”

As we touched on in a recent discussion, bringing repugnant ideas spread by dangerous right wing extremists into the realm of public discourse only serves to normalize and legitimize those horrifying ideas. There is literally an entire fucking world of difference between a white nationalist or conspiracy rag smearing legitimate grassroots activism and a high profile member of the government like mutherfucking Chaffetz casually implying it’s true on network bloody television. There is simply no goddamn excuse for a sitting fucking Congressman in the United States to be repeating bits and pieces of ethno-nationalist agitprop because he’s mortally embarrassed he got completely fucking wrecked by a ten year old child.

The truth is that whether Republicans, the so-called “Alt-Right” or even Trump himself want to admit it or not, hundreds of thousands of potential voters are demonstrably sick of their bullshit in a completely literal fucking sense.

Dear Jason Chaffetz; slurp shit and die you disgusting, cowardly little worm.


  • Nina Illingworth


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