A Brief Thought: Quite Frankly My Dear; I Don’t Give a Damn

Editor’s note: Unfortunately a minor accident with a willfully obtuse driver, a series of personal matters that demanded my immediate attention and a somewhat maddening case of writer’s block have kept me away from this website for the past few days; to put it politely, I’m fucking exhausted. As a result, today’s Brief Thought is by necessity devoid of flowery introductions or the usual, expansive sourcing regular readers have come to expect – think of it more as an exasperated rant than a full article:


Note: if you’re having trouble reading the above meme, just right click on it and select “view this image” to pop out a larger version. As always please feel free to share this meme anywhere you like; at this point, there’s precious little time for the Trump voters in your life to take a step back, reconsider their actions and avoid becoming collaborators.

Naturally, there will be some who read what I’ve written here and object strongly to my harsh characterization of the Trump administration; those people are of course, demonstrably fucking ridiculous. Please allow me to remind you what Trump’s government has “accomplished” so far and do keep in mind that I’m undoubtedly forgetting several horrible things because I’ve had a very long week:



Please note that this list does not contain a single reference to trumped up liberal conspiracy theories about Russia and focuses almost entirely on policies the Trump government has actually begun enacting; as opposed to horrifying things the President has promised in the future but hasn’t quite gotten around to working on – have I mentioned that he’s only been in office for six weeks yet?

I honestly couldn’t give a fuck who you voted for at this point but if you’re still supporting Trump now, please know that you’re enabling fascism, bigotry & selfish, amoral elites who mean to fuck us all over on a historic scale. Right now you need to accept that you made a mistake when you voted for downmarket Mussolini; shit happens and we all screw up sometimes, but you either need to turn the fuck back or face the consequences of supporting fascism & collaborating with hatemongers.

Quite frankly, history has a long memory & mutherfuckers still supporting Trump ain’t seen nothing yet.


  • Nina Illingworth


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