New Page – Amerikan Musik: US Fascism Ascendant

Editor’s Note: in the past few days a number of new readers have emailed me to ask why I haven’t written about “the rise of American fascism” until now and in doing so, revealed the fact that the articles I’ve written that address the USA’s increasingly rapid slide into overt fascism have never been collected together in an easy to navigate splash page here on this site. Although it took the better part of last night to curate, I have now put together just such a page and you can check it out by clicking on the picture or the link provided below. Even if you’ve already been following along with all of my writing you might still want to visit; there’s a brief discussion about how I view fascism in general and the latest rise of American fascism in particular included at the top of the page.



Amerikan Musik: Fascism Ascendant in the USA


  • Nina Illingworth


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