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“Every revolution needs a Thomas Paine; unfortunately you’re all stuck with me instead.”



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*Please note that many of these accounts exist entirely to protect my work from online censorship; if you need to get my attention immediately it’s definitely best to use Twitter or Email.


Important Update: I recently posted a September schedule & site update note that will likely be more helpful to new visitors trying to figure out just what the heck this website is about than this Contact Page; you can check it out here: Onward to September: Site Updates, Scheduling Notes & Social Media.


Nina is a 39 year old, post-op transgendered, completely unemployable madwoman who’s goddamn lucky she can write or society surely would have locked her up and thrown away the key by now. She writes about history, politics, philosophy, civil liberties, justice, the media, progressive issues, socialism, bigotry, war crimes, Imperialism, anti-capitalism, corruption, a little fiction and sometimes sports; in a style she’s constantly describing as “Gonzo Lite.”

Her influences include, but are not limited to: Hunter S Thompson, Assata Shakur, Noam Chomsky, Emma Goldman, Soren Kierkegaard, Edward Said, Marshall Mcluhan, Malcolm X, Mark Twain, Hunter S Thompson a second time, Jeb Lund, Naomi Klein, Jane Mayer, Hermann Karl Hesse, Evelyn Waugh, Matt Taibbi, Cenk Uygur, Socrates, Albert Camus, Bouddicca, Zhuge Liang, Eugène Ionesco, John Stuart Mill, Voltairine de Cleyre, Charles Pierce, Martin Luther King, George Orwell, George Plimpton, Bertrand Russell and the little voice inside her head that keeps screaming “liar” whenever any politician, banker or media personality is speaking.

Nina is available for freelance work but has been known to decline any project she doesn’t morally agree with and has a longstanding policy of refusing to write about anything she can’t discover a passion for. She would also like to make it known that money talks and bullshit walks son; she is not interested in “exposure” and in fact is unlikely to roll out of bed for less than fifty bucks American unless it’s for a very, very good cause. Please contact her via email if interested and serious.

If you would like to donate towards keeping a depraved, unstable individual like Nina chained to a desk writing and not wandering the streets where she might interact with people you actually care about – please visit the donation page under Tip Jar, visit her Patreon page, or use the Paypal buttons scattered around the website.

Even revolutionaries have to eat my friends.


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