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“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed” – William Faulkner


Editor’s note: well, it was certainly only a matter of time before I added a links page to this website and I had a few spare moments this morning – so I decided to throw one together now.

Please be aware that none of the websites or social media accounts listed here have endorsed in any way; nor should the act of linking you to them here be considered an expressed endorsement of all the content available on those websites. This is merely a list of places and people I’ve found useful or informative that I thought my readers might also find useful and informative.If anyone would like to add this website to a similar such list on their platforms, I’m fine with that as well.

The links are sorted in no particular order except that websites are up top and social media accounts are underneath them. Wherever possible I’ve tried to note which sites might not be safe for work but I’m assuming if you’re already here on my site, you probably aren’t that worried about it.

Finally, if I’ve added you or your site to this list and you’d rather not be included (for any reason whatsoever) – please feel free to email me ( or contact me on Twitter and I’ll remove the link as soon as possible.



Jacobin Magazine – left wing/socialist news & articles

JackPineRadicals – politics & excellent forums

caucus99percent – political essays, community threads

Naked Capitalism – finance & politics

The News American – politics, social issues & media

Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting – especially Adam Johnson’s work

Carl Beijer – left wing theory & media observations

Richard Charnin’s Blog – election fraud analysis

Corey Robin – left wing politics & media analysis

Way of the Bern – left wing, pro-Sanders subreddit

Kossacks for Sanders – socialist, pro-Sanders subreddit


YouTube Channels & Podcasts

Redacted Tonight – comedy that’s better news than the news

The Benjamin Dixon Show – politics, media, civil rights

The Jimmy Dore Show – comedic political commentary

The Young Turks – pinko (not radical) politics & media

Chapo Trap House – hilarious, NSFW political/media commentary

The Katie Halper Show – politics, media & interviews


Social Media

Wikileaks – Twitter account for

Amy Sterling Casil – Medium account for excellent Clinton Foundation critic; Twitter here

Michael Tracey – Twitter account for Vice columnist; strong insights

Goodbye Koch – Twitter account for #BoycottKoch

L. – Twitter account for excellent writer Leslie Lee

Billmon – Twitter account w/social, media & political observations