Everyone is Wrong But Me Episode 4: Rahmtanamo Bay

Editor’s Note: a little while back, I met a mouthy little cat who had a number of controversial opinions and a voice-changing microphone. The little cat stayed for a while, making videos and imparting wisdom to all who would partake of it – before wandering back out into the night and on to her next project. I couldn’t rightly say who she was, or if she’d ever be back but she did leave me in possession of the four videos she made while we were in contact. I figured that since today was already a day for migrating old and interesting things over from other websites, I might as well share the Everyone Is Wrong But Me cat’s videos with you here now. Naturally, if anyone were to ask me the cat’s identity or current whereabouts, I wouldn’t be able to tell them – but it’s safe to say, we remain very close friends to this day.



In episode 4, the anonymous Everyone Is Wrong But Me cat is back to talk about the goddamn nightmare that is Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago. Is there a secret, illegal blacksite in Chicago used expressly to violate the rights of primarily African American prisoners in America? In a word – yes. The cat says Emanuel should be in jail and I agree with her.

  • Nina Illingworth


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