Info-Meme of the Week: No Record, No Crime

Editor’s Note: after days and days on end of typing essays, I decided to take a short break and throw together another Info-Meme of the Week to help the mainstream media do the job they clearly lost interest in years ago.

The plan here is to take a look at one issue or scandal largely being misreported in the media in the form of a single, easy-to-share meme that’s backed up by a few verifiable sources underneath the photo. No fuss, no pontificating pinko blogger telling you what this might all mean – just the facts, in one quick snapshot you can show your barely-literate roommates to force them to stop repeating mainstream media deceptions. Today’s topic is the curious case of a corrupt candidate who keeps accidentally destroying federal records over and over again throughout her staggeringly long career:





Elusive Papers of Law Firm Are Found at White House

Hillary Clinton’s Fingerprints Among Those Found on Papers

Grand Jury Is Reportedly Told Of Shredding at Little Rock Firm

Inside the FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail

FBI Releases Hillary Clinton’s Email Interview Notes

Chaffetz seeks probe of whether Clinton destroyed evidence

Report: Top aide said Clinton destroyed State Dept. schedules

FBI identifies 13 mobile devices Clinton potentially used to send emails

Watch CNN anchor’s disbelief that Clinton aides destroyed phones with hammer


Please note that due to Hillary Clinton’s repeated abuse of and objectively staggering disrespect for the law; I was required to use a smaller font than normal for certain portions of this meme – if you’re having trouble seeing it, just right click on the picture and select “view image;” a slightly larger version should pop out.

As always, please feel free to share this meme anywhere you’d like and if you can find it in the goodness of your heart to point people you share with towards this site; I would be eternally grateful.

Give em hell folks.


  • Nina Illingworth


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