Third Party Purgatory: Election 2016 Meme Collection

Editor’s note: so, after three consecutive days of insomnia finally caught up with me; I passed out roughly ten minutes after the football game ended on Thursday night and into a nine hour coma. I’m currently working on another couple of essays for release in the comings weeks – but after cranking out over 10K words in the last seven or so days, I’m feeling a little sluggish.

In the meantime, here’s a small meme collection focused on third party candidates that I threw together after Gary Johnson’s now-infamous “what’s Aleppo” comment on MSNBC’s typically dreadful Morning Joe show. While the moment was amusing, I should like to note that the greater tragedy in all of this is that the American people as a whole have no goddamn clue “what Aleppo is” either because the news media is largely disinterested in reporting the horrific consequences of supporting “anyone who hates Assad” in Syria. Even the New York Times is clueless; they were forced to issue two separate corrections in a journalistic shitshow that actively demonstrates the American media’s total lack of fucking interest in reporting on the devastating war being waged in Syria right now.

As with all the comedy meme collections on this site; the primary goal here was humor, but each of these memes is based loosely on some incident in the news – if you click on the image, you’ll be taken to a story that inspired the meme in some way.





GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Orlando Ahead Of Florida Straw Poll






As always, I have no problem with readers sharing these memes wherever they like and only request that if you enjoyed a meme and you’re feeling kind – you point people back towards this site. Thanks in advance and keep on meme-ing my friends.


  • Nina Illingworth


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