Info Meme of the Week: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Pt Five – Steve Bannon

Editor’s note: despite a mild fever, a cat related dishes accident in the kitchen and the crushing oppression of looking for a new place to live by January first; I’m back on the trail of a pack of warlike, bigoted and low-key fundamentalist nutjobs otherwise known as “Donald Trump’s Cabinet” – a group I’ve taken to calling the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants here on this website.

Today, after much internal deliberation and soul searching, I’ve decided to take on the big sleaze, the humongous racist boil on the collective ass of Trump’s cabinet and the man who virtually ensures that no matter who that unhinged orange bastard picks to join the US government from here on out; they won’t be a worse goddamn human being than Steve Bannon.

He’s been called a white nationalist, a racist, antisemitic, a misogynist, a bigot, anti-immigrant, a propagandist, manipulative, vengeful, a liar, an aggressive self-promoter, corrupt and a legitimately evil man; all of which are actually demonstrably true if one takes the time to sift through Bannon’s long, post-military career. Now, despite the objections of literally every sane person on either side of the political spectrum, Bannon is Donald Trump’s utterly mind warping choice to serve as White House Chief strategist and the white nationalist, tabloid rag he’s built up over the past four years is poised to serve as the swine emperor Trump’s Pravda-esque propaganda arm.

There are few, more utterly contemptible, shockingly vile and horrifyingly dangerous men in the history of US politics than Steve Bannon; we ride in darkness, enveloped by true evil this time my friends – keep all extremities inside the car and don’t feed the goddamn fascists:





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Maybe Donald Trump’s alt-right Svengali really is a “Leninist”


Okay, first things first; you’re almost certainly going to want to right click on the meme and select “view this image” to pop out a larger version because the sheer  mutherfucking volume of Bannon’s audacious repugnance definitely tested the upper limits of Info Memeing technology. As always, please feel free to take this meme for your own use and share it anywhere you’re like and remember that you can provide sources to both interested observers and deluded disciples of Breitbart News simply by linking them back to this post – in fact, as a small-time producer of independent media, I’m absolutely counting on it; please share this post on any corner of the internet your heart may desire.

You may also find yourself somewhat overwhelmed by the thirty sourcing links provided in this article but I encourage you to browse a few of them if you can find the time; I’m of the opinion that many people struggle to comprehend what an astronomically bad fucking choice for White House Chief Strategist Bannon is simply because the numerous examples of his racism, bigotry and open nationalism are rarely collected together all in one place – allowing a highly intelligent right-wing nutjob like Bannon to muddy the waters around each claim individually and create the necessary sliver of doubt required to get away with “dog-whistle” bigotry in American public life.

In past Brotherhood of Evil Mutant articles, I’ve begun to examine the ways in which Trump’s utterly horrifying cabinet is more like an unholy marriage between extreme, elitist libertarianism and a disturbing, wholly American-grown form of “fundie fascism” as opposed to more traditional, European-style white nationalism – that theory however, doesn’t apply to Bannon; he’s the real deal, an actual nightmare goddamn fascist whispering into the ear of an American President who clearly has absolutely no fucking clue what he’s doing. Did I mention that he’s also a former Goldman Sachs investment banker? The fun just doesn’t stop with this prick my friends!

Smoke em if ya got em kids; it’s looking like a long, utterly dehumanizing four years awaits us.


  • Nina Illingworth


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