A Brief Thought: Lesser Evilism & Trump’s Immigration Crackdown

Editor’s note: as I mentioned yesterday, recently I’ve decided to clean up and publish some of the more important thoughts I would typically share on Twitter here on this website; but in meme form. To be clear this material isn’t designed to replace essays or info-memes so much as to create an easy catalogue for me to reference when I do need to go back and expand on a previously expressed idea; if readers happen to learn something from these posts, that’s frankly just icing on the cake. Naturally, I’m not suggesting that my Twitter account is somehow a font of profound wisdom or anything like that – I just got tired of losing good material to the endless churn of snarky gotcha tweets I unleash on social media each day.

Today’s Brief Thought is once again in response to the news that Immigration & Customs Enforcement officers are conducting massive, coordinated house to house raids targeting Hispanic/Latino Americans as part of Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown and examines why mainstream liberals lack the moral authority to properly combat this open discrimination.



Naturally there will always be those who justify any and all oppression towards undocumented migrants by crying out “but Nina, they were in the country illegally” – the problem here is that those people used to be called fucking Republicans; when both political parties in a rigged system support horrifying and inhuman incarceration policies, what hope is there for compassion and justice?

As always, please feel free to share this meme anywhere and with anyone you like; it’s high past time the average American accepts that kicking in doors at 3AM and packing undocumented immigrants into cages like animals is in no way indicative of a “liberal” society.


  • Nina Illingworth


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