The Simple Truth: US Foreign Policy, Refugees & Immigration

Editor’s note: in light of the fact that this is EA NHL 18 release weekend, I currently live in Canada and I’m a huge goddamn nerd; I will largely be AFK for the next couple of days on social media. Unfortunately, I was far too exhausted to write much of anything last night and today, all I really have time for is another edition of The Simple Truth. I don’t precisely know how to describe these posts yet, but based on limited reader feedback they seem more popular than “absolutely nothing.”

I should also mention that a number of people have recently contacted me about the possibility for doing freelance work here on and as such, I’m tinkering with a page explaining the necessary rules and guidelines we’ll have to follow in order to post reader submissions; it is however very tedious work, as I’m sure you can imagine. With any luck I’ll have something up by Sunday morning, so if you’re interested in getting paid to let this website publish your new and original work *without* having to surrender your legal rights to the story – watch for my next update.



  • Nina Illingworth


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