The Simple Truth: The FCC & ISPs Are Attacking Free Speech Online

Editor’s note: I had originally intended to publish this article Saturday morning after I’d received some information from an anonymous but friendly user concerned about the FCC’s nightmare decision to repeal net neutrality on Thursday afternoon. Unfortunately during that very same evening, my ongoing head-cold morphed into some kind of terrible body flu and I’ve been aching, moaning and manufacturing alarming quantities of mucus ever since. At this point I’m sick, I’m cranky and if it weren’t for the timely nature of today’s post I would definitely be back in bed right now; this one is going to be very short and hopefully still very informative.

In today’s The Simple Truth post, we’re going to talk about why the FCC’s ruling threatens your ability to express dissent against the power structure, how your right to have a say in this process was completely ignored by FCC chairman Ajit Pai and what you can do about it to make sure your voice is heard:




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As I mentioned in the above info-graphic, there are literally a truly staggering number of reasons why the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to repeal Title II protection for net neutrality is horrible; not the least of which is the fact that it’s a blatant hand-job for monopoly internet service providers – granted by a totally compromised FCC, it’s openly sympathetic commissioner and a corrupt Republican government; all at the expense of the common people.

Although well-compensated lackeys insist that the monopoly service providers can be trusted to police themselves, this argument rings hollow when you realize these are also the same ISP corporations who have a long and sullied history of both abusing consumers and violating free speech rights in the United States. Furthermore, Pai’s flippant attitude about protecting Americans from ISP’s as well as his curious choice of talking points and media allies strongly suggests that relying on the FCC to step in when corporations do inevitably discriminate against customers and violate free speech rights is a fool’s errand at best.

Perhaps the most infuriating part about this decision however, is that the Commission allowed all of this to happen after accepting almost no public input into the ruling whatsoever; despite the FCC’s obvious legal requirement to do so. Neither Pai nor the commission has the right to demand only “legal arguments” after opening up commentary to the general public and hiding behind an automated fake comments & stolen identities scandal to justify ignoring petitioners (when literally 95% of the actual organic comments favored keeping Title II protection) is shamefully undemocratic behavior on the FCC’s part.

This injustice simply cannot be allowed to stand and thanks to an anonymous tip, I think I’ve found a way for you to have an opportunity to have your opinion heard by the non-elected “public servants” over at the Federal Communications Commission. Below you’ll find what I believe are the names and email addresses of every FCC employee that currently exists in the government’s public, online information. While the Title II repeal ruling works its way through court, I’m asking you to email each of these people and let them know what you think about this decision while there is still time for the Commission to correct this grave error on the side of corporate elite totalitarianism. Please, I am begging you; be respectful, don’t flood some random systems tech’s box with spam and do not, under any circumstances harass anyone – especially in light of the fact that not everyone at the FCC supports this decision.

This is your opportunity to share your opinion with the FCC, an opportunity that was previously denied by pro-corporate spambots; don’t blow it with abusive or immature behavior.


FCC Contact Info



Richard L. Sippel –                    Monique Gray –

Rachel Funk –                                Patricia Ducksworth –

Sanford Williams –              Belford Lawson III –

Christian Fiascunari –    Corrin Barksdale – no address in the system

John Finnie –                                   Maura McGowan –

Sharon Stewart –                   Carolyn Williams –


Front Office:

Thomas M. Johnson Jr –       P.Michele Ellison –,

David Gossett –                          Ashley Boizelle –

Karen Onyeije –                          James R Bird – no address in the system

John Williams –


Administrative Law Division:

Linda Oliver –                                 William Richardson –

Chin Yoo –


Assistant Bureau Chief for Management:

Carlette S. Smith –


Litigation Division:

Jacob M Lewis –                               Richard K. Welch –

Susan L. Launer –                         David L. Hunt –

Jay Keithley –                                   Sharon Diskin –

Sonja Rifken –                                 Robert McGriff –

Sophila Jones –                             Sharon Spencer –

Stephen Ebner –                        Anthony Bush – no address in the system


Office of Legislative Affairs:

Tim Strachan –                      Jim Balaguer –

Jill Pender –                                        Joy Medley –

Alethea Lewis –                            Aurelle Porter –

Chelle Richmond –


Managing Director:

Mark Stephens –                       Mindy Ginsburg –

Deena Shetler –                           Daniel Daly –

Thomas Buckley –                   Cara Voth –

Warren Firschein –


Office of Managing Director:

Tom Green –                                      David Bray – no address in the system

Kathleen Heuer –                      James Lyons –

Dawn DiGiorgio –                      Noelle Green –

Vanessa Lamb –                           Toni McGowan –

Sheryl Todd –                                   Marlene Dorch – no address in the system

MaryKay Mitchell –               Paul Laurenzano –

Constance Jodon –                 Carol Edwards –

Ellen Standiford –                    Curtis Everett –

Christine Calvosa –                      John Skudlarek –

Jae Seong –                                          Tim Dates –

Linda Ning –                                       Andy Mulitz – no address in the system

Jeanne McDonald –             Cheryl Collins –

Cecilia Sigmund –                    Sheryl Segal –

Sheryl Todd –                                  John Zentner –

Mary Harmon –


Media Relation:

Brian Hart –                                        Mark Wigfield –

Neil Grace –                                       Tina Pelkey –

Will Wiquist –                                  Wayne Leighton –

Larry Hudson –                            Ramona Mann –


Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau:

Patrick Webre –


Enforcement Bureau:

Rosemary Harold –              Michael Carowitz –

Lisa Gelb –                                            Christopher Killion –

Keith Morgan –                          Phillip Rosario –

Hillary Burchuk –                     Jennifer Epperson –

Jeremy Marcus –                      Geoffrey Starks –

Jon Minkoff –                                  David Strickland –

Rizwan Chowdhry –             Daniel Meyerson –

Michael Scurato –                  Deborah Ridley –


Office of Management & Resources:

Sheila Hayes –


Investigations & Hearings Division:

Jeffrey Gee –                                    Christopher Sova –

Kalun Lee –                                         Matthew Conaty –


Market Disputes Resolution Division:

Rosemary McEnery –          Lisa Griffin –


Spectrum Enforcement Division:

Aspasia Paroutsas –             Ricardo Durham –

JoAnn Lucanik –


Telecommunications Consumers Division:

Richard Hindman –                 Sharon Lee  –

Kristi Thompson –                    David Valdez –

David Dombrowski –           Ronald Ramage –

Lark Hadley –


Enforcement Bureau USF Strike Force:

Rakesh Patel –                                 Loyaan Egal – no address in the system


Office of the Field Director:

Charles Cooper –                         Steve Spaeth – no address in the system

Mathew Gibson –                     Janet Moran –


Equipment Development Group:

Greg Hermes –


Media Bureau:

Michelle Carey –                              Mary Beth Murphy –

Thomas Horan –                               Nancy Murphy –

Holly Saurer –                                       Hillary DeNigro –

Alexander Sanjenis –                Jeffrey Neumann –

Janice Wise –                                            India Malcolm –

Michael S. Perko –                            Martha Heller –

Steven Broeckaert –                  Brendan Murray –

Brendan Holland –                       Andrew Wise –

Benjamin Arden –                          John Wong –

Sean Yun –                                                  Peter Doyle –

Tom Hutton –                                         James Bradshaw –

Lisa Scanlan –                                        Barbara Kreisman –

Hossein Hashemzadeh – hossein  David Brown –


Public Safety & Homeland Security Bureau:

Lisa M. Fowlkes –                               David Furth –

Debra Jordan –                                Nicole McGinnis –

Lauren Kravetz –                            Kenneth Carlberg –

Jeffery Goldthorp –                  Anita Patankar-Stoll –

Emily Talaga –                                   Erika Olsen –

Renee Roland –                                Rochelle Cohen –

Arlene Bell –                                         Jaime Rivas –

Andi Roane –                                       Gene Fullano – no address in the system


(ERIC) Cybersecurity & Communications Reliability Division:

David Plotinsky –                         Jennifer Holtz –

John Healy –                                         Michael Wilhelm –

Tracy Simmons –                          Greg Cooke – no address in the system

Chris Anderson –                          Justin Cain –

Jim Pierson – no address in the system


Wireless Telecommunications Bureau:

Johnny Drake –                                 Jean Kiddoo –

Neşe Guendelsberger –     Dana Shaffer –

Joel Taubenblatt –                       Suzanne Tetreault –

Charles Mathias –                        Michael Janson –

Paroma Sanyal –                            Charles Eberle –

Theodore Marcus –                   Aalok Mehta –

Charles Meisch –                           Matthew Pearl –

Cecilia Sulhoff –                               Mary Claire York –

Cecelia Green –                                 Donald Stockdale –

Margaret Wiener –                     Gary Michaels –

Craig Bomberger –                     William Huber –

Linda Sanderson –                       Kelly Quinn –

Erik Salovaara –                               Martha Stancill –

Rita Cookmeyer –


Auctions & Spectrum Access Division:

Garnet Hanly –                                  Jeff Steinberg – no address in the system

Peter Trachtenberg –            Kate Matraves – no address in the system

Aaron Goldschmidt –            Betsy McIntyre – no address in the system

Ziad Sleem –                                        Pramesh Jobanputra –

Erica Rosenberg –                       Amy Brett –


Competition & Infrastructure Policy Division:

Blaise Scinto –                                  Stephen Buenzow –

Peter Daronco –                            John Schauble –

Jennifer Tomchin –                   Sandra Danner –

Paul Malmud –                               Ruth Taylor –


Broadband Division:

Diane Dupert –                                 Mary Deatrick –

Dorothy Stifflemire –            Melvin Del Rosario –


Technologies Systems & Innovation Division:

Roger Noel –                                       Lloyd Coward –

Kathy Harris –                                   Scot Stone –

Linda Chang –                                   Tom Derenge – no address in the system

Keith Harper –                                  Mike Regiec –

Paul Powell –



Ajit Pai –                                                     Michael O’Rielly – Mike.O’

Brendan Carr –                              Mignon Clyburn –

Jessica Rosenworcel –



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