The New (Old) Forever War

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“War is the cemetery of futures promised” – John Cory


On June 28th, 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo, thereby triggering an already brewing global conflict that would eventually entangle the six great remaining European powers and most of their respective colonial assets; a conflict we now know as the First World War. Although it would be a gross oversimplification to suggest that there was any one fundamental cause of the Great War, it is unarguably true that the vast network of alliances and colonial relationships between the countries involved in World War One would rapidly expand the size, scope and causality list of a conflict that initially revolved around the seemingly straightforward issue of sovereignty in the Balkans.

Unfortunately, this history micro-lesson remains especially important today because at this very moment America and its Middle Eastern client states (Israel, Saudi Arabia) are openly threatening Syrian sovereignty while casually attempting to goad the Islamic Republic of Iran into a disastrous war. What the American public is not being told however that either toppling Bashar al-Assad or invading Iran will almost certainly draw committed ally Vladimir Putin into the conflict and that NATO has conveniently been preparing for an eventual war with Russia for quite some time. While the “center-left” political establishment peddles a very real White House corruption scandal wrapped in an irresponsible and dishonest Neo-McCarthyist conspiracy theory, western corporate media is hard at work demonizing our supposed “enemies” to manufacture consent for at least a proxy war with Russia and its allies over the largest gas field on earth.

Already mired in seemingly endless conflict in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and now Syria, the US alliance appears poised to lie its way into another Forever War with Iran; but is it really a new conflict, or have the past thirty-seven years of US foreign policy all been about one long war for absolute control over the Greater Middle East? How is the old Cold War still influencing this largely misreported geopolitical crisis today? How are influential countries like China, Turkey and Pakistan going to respond to a nested proxy war breaking out on their doorstep? Why are western elites from both the public and private sector trying to sell the general public an unwinnable conflict that no sane person wants? Is any of this really about protecting human rights or fighting terrorism?

Join me as I try to unravel the propaganda surrounding these issues in my latest ongoing series of articles about US imperial foreign policy below; World War Three might really be just a shot away and that seems to suit the monstrous ambitions of the elite moneyed class in America just fine.


The New (Old) Forever War Articles

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Editor’s Note: this is a living document designed to provide a “home base” full of easily accessible links to all of my writing about both the “New Cold War” against Russia being pushed by the US media establishment as well as the ongoing “Forever War” the US is fighting in the MENA region – a war which seems poised to expand to include Iran at any moment.

This page will be updated as I complete more articles on these subjects and closely-related issues that drive America’s objectively disastrous foreign policy decisions in the Greater Middle East and North Africa. Please check back for more updates as I explore the lies, warmongering and complex web of alliances threatening to plunge half the planet into an unwinnable war that only wealthy old parasites actually want.


– Nina Illingworth