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Editor’s note: this article is part of an online series about Election Fraud entitled “Wicked Game: the Clandestine Murder of Democracy in America” and you can follow the links provided to find the our prologue about the documentary Hacking Democracy and Part 1 of Wicked Game, which is all about the objectively fixed 2016 Democratic Primary season. This installment of Wicked Game returns to the Democratic Primary, looks at the historical evidence of widespread election fraud in American politics since at least 1988 and cleans up some debunking attempts I forgot to discuss last time. Please be reminded that while it is not necessary to follow the links in this article to understand what I’ve written, your comprehension of the piece will be greatly improved by doing so – particularly when discussing data analyzed by Richard Charnin.


And The Band Played On

The thing about a truly effective magic show, or so I’ve been told by those in the profession, is that every trick, every part of the act is already carefully rigged with unwavering precision – long before the lights go on, the curtain goes up and the audience finally sees the show. This painstaking, meticulous attention to detail is required because under the glaring spotlight of a live show, there’s simply no way to walk back mistakes, predict audience response or put the goddamn genie back in the bottle once you’ve exposed the inner workings of a trick on stage. I mention this because last night the most skilled conjuror in America took her multi-million dollar voting machine magic show to the proud state of Indiana, buoyed by thunderous applause from a corrupt Democratic Party and an openly complicit mainstream media. It was supposed to be a coronation, a ceremonial slaughter of progressive leftism in America and a call to heel for all those damn mouthy socialists who simply refused to embrace Hillary Clinton.

Unless you passed out drunk before nine last night, you know that things didn’t work out perfectly for Mrs Clinton of course – despite the rampant voter suppression throughout the state that once again just happened to coincidentally favor the establishment candidate in the Democratic Primary; what kind of devious, fascist son of a bitch closes polls at 6 PM in a state full of working class independent voters who aren’t free until five and farmers who count every fucking daylight hour as precious?! No, there’s a pretty good chance that if you’re reading this you celebrated Sanders “big win” last night and woke up to read all about his “stunning upset” in Indiana this morning. It’s a great narrative of course; the only problem is that not a goddamn word of it is true – the Hoosier state falling to Bernie last night was neither an upset, nor an actual win for either grassroots socialism or democracy as a whole.

Yes my friends, the 2016 Indiana Democratic Primary contest was fixed for Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders, just as nearly every single non-Caucus Democratic Primary election has been rigged so far this election cycle. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, this is the cold, hard goddamn reality of math folks – as of last night, Sanders has finished behind his unadjusted exit poll numbers in 22 out of 24 Primary contests by almost 6% despite the margin of error for these polls being generously estimated at 4%. To say that these numbers are absurdly obvious evidence of widespread election fraud would be something of a minor understatement frankly; to anyone who knows how mathematical modeling works, this is clear as fucking day proof that the Democratic Primary season has been objectively goddamn crooked from the word go.

No, last night wasn’t a victory for Sanders; it was another victory for the anti-democratic, establishment forces that clearly have a stranglehold on the Democratic Primary process in this election cycle. If you don’t believe me, you can simply read the numbers – Sanders registered a five point win in Indiana last night with 52.7% of the vote to Hillary Clintons 47.5%; a fine enough victory until you realize that unadjusted exit polls by CNN reveal a 10% gap for Sanders. This near 5% discrepancy not only sits outside the inflated 4% margin of error for American exit polls (similar polls in other parts of the world typically have a stated margin of 3% or lower) but also represents tens of thousands of votes cast for Sanders and additional pledged delegates for the upcoming National Convention in Philadelphia.

While that may not seem like much, when you spread those numbers out across twenty four similar primary contests, you unravel the mystery of why Sanders is losing despite widespread popular support among voting demographics that will ultimately decide the 2016 Election – if their votes are counted that is. Here’s the unadjusted CNN poll for your viewing displeasure:


CNN IN UExit Poll 1K Across with Credit


The Same As It Ever Was

If you’ve been following along with the Wicked Game series so far, and clicking on the links like I suggested – you probably don’t need me to tell you that something is heinously fucking rotten in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Instead, what you’re likely starting to wonder is, if evidence of election fraud is so widespread, obvious and mathematically near-certain, why has absolutely nobody in the mainstream media reported on it?

The answer might surprise you, especially considering just how much digital ink is devoted to downplaying the importance of exit polls; the truth is, systemic election fraud has been reported in at least some portions of the mainstream media, in a terrifying 2006 documentary by big-budget cable company HBO and most notably – in a June 1st, 2006 Rolling Stone article penned by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Quite literally, screens and screens of hand-wringing op-eds and investigative journalism articles have been written about how both the 2000 and 2004 US Presidential elections alone were stolen for fuck’s sake.

No, the truth is that we as a people, have known that there is something horrifically wrong with our elections in the United States for a very, very long time – just over twenty-five years actually and coincidentally enough; since right about the time the Federal Elections Commission standardized and legitimized the use of black box machine voting! In order to objectively prove this wild sounding claim however, we’re going to have to go back to the brilliant work of Richard Charnin – the mathematician, quantitative modeling expert and life-long scholar of American elections whose work is really the foundation upon which I’ve been able to bring you these articles.

According to data collected and analyzed by Charnin, there is near-irrefutable, mathematical proof of systemic, persistent and even ubiquitous election fraud in every US Presidential election since unadjusted exit polls were forced to match the recorded vote in 1988 after the fact. In that election, the Democratic Party showed a 50.2-48.8% edge over the GOP during a combination of national and state exit polling, but inexplicably finished behind George Bush Sr 53.4% to 45.7% when the final results were tabulated – an event Charnin describes elsewhere as occurring naturally in literally “one in trillions” of presidential elections; or as my father would have called it “not even remotely fucking likely” my friends.

Charnin Graph vs Exit Poll MOE 510 Across With AddyFrankly, things only become more openly goddamn corrupt from there as raw data from exit polls and this graph from Charnin’s website so thoroughly illustrate – from 1988 to 2008, 135 of 274 State Presidential Exit Polls exceeded the margin of error in situations one would normally expect a mere 14 such results in total; a series of results that Charnin quite rightfully points out has virtually zero goddamn chance of occurring naturally, no matter how many models you construct and how many fucking simulations you run! Of particular note remain the objectively stolen 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections, which have the advantage or providing multiple threads of empirical evidence that suggest widespread election fraud –  including not just significant, incriminating exit poll discrepancies but also recorded evidence that National Election polls were force adjusted to indicate Bush had somehow returned over 100% of living, Republican voters from the previous election! Simply put, this is not only completely fucking impossible in a fair election, but obvious, utterly damning evidence of election fraud in both contests – the literal “smoking gun” as Richard himself calls it. Furthermore, it’s not even the first time this pattern has emerged; as another helpful chart from Charnin’s website reveals, adjusted exit poll results also show over 100% living returning voter turnout for Richard Nixon in 1972 and George Bush Sr in 1988 indicating that these controversial election results were also clearly the result of widespread, systemic election fraud:


Turnout Graph Fraud with addy


As Charnin explains, it is categorically impossible to produce returning voter rates over 100% in both a logical, numerical sense and in terms of a fairly tabulated election result. In 2000 for example, George Bush the younger received 50.5 million recorded votes but the 2004 National Exit poll was force adjusted to indicate he’d “returned” 52.6 million voters in 2004; a statistic made all the more fucking impossible by the fact that three million of Bush’s voters from 2000 were either dead or no longer registered to fucking vote in 2004!

Just what, pray tell was the reaction to this news? Did the media flip out? Was there a bipartisan political effort to get to the goddam bottom of this obvious criminal malfeasance? No my friends, the polling companies simply decided to stop asking the uncomfortable and revealing question “how did you vote in the last election” by the 2012 Presidential election and the 2014 House Midterms.

In light of all this overwhelming, statistical evidence that straight up mutherfucking election fraud has plagued the American political system for a very long time, and combined with the understanding that said evidence has been publicly available and even referenced in major media circles from time to time – the only logical conclusion I can come to is that party insiders, corrupt political fixers, criminally motivated voting machine manufacturers and some elements of the mainstream media have collectively decided not to explore the obvious evidence of election fraud for their own nefarious purposes.

In the case of establishment party mandarins, voting machine manufacturers and politicians, this is likely because they’re actively benefiting from the open subversion of American democracy we’ve examined in this series – as Bev Harris noted in the 2006, HBO documentary Hacking Democracy, voting machine fraud appears to respect no particular political boundaries; with both Republicans and Democrats likely using the rigged machines at the state level or even beyond. As far as the media goes however, I’m forced to assume some combination of complicity, gutless cowardice and a financially relevant requirement to ultimately be right when predicting even abjectly corrupt elections, results in only sporadic and at times openly disingenuous coverage of election fraud in American politics. After all, what kind of deranged lunatic would dare to suggest a candidate the media company you work for actually fucking donated to is actively rigging the 2016 Democratic primary (or any other American election for that matter?!) I mean, you could find yourself completely ruined, unable to get another job in a major media corporation and so depressed you end up committing suicide under mysterious circumstances by shooting yourself in the head – twice!


Facts, Reacts and Clapbacks

While writing the prologue and first installment of the Wicked Game series, I found myself making a concerted effort to preemptively “debunk’ a number of disingenuous questions, arguments and complaints I knew exit-poll naysayers and boot-licking, Imperialist collaborators would employ to try to deflect conversation away from the objectively terrifying evidence I’d presented. Unfortunately however, there indeed seems to be no mutherfucking end whatsoever to the wave of mendacious bullshit Clinton supporters and mainstream media drones with an explicit, financial interest in maintaining the current narrative can summon when you threaten to expose their indisputably rigged, voting machine games.

In light of this and despite the fact that the vast majority of questions and refutations I’ve been presented with are already answered by the authors I’ve linked you to at various points during the series – I’ve decided to compile and answer a few of the more common questions I’ve been asked (and haven’t already answered elsewhere in the series) here:

Q: “I checked the exit poll numbers and you’re wrong! How can I trust you when you don’t even quote the final exit poll numbers?!”

A: The obvious problem here is that you are either completely fucking illiterate, incapable of following a link or, like many people who believe America has the greatest democracy on earth – are simply unable to accept that exit polls are openly and knowingly adjusted after the fact to match the final, crooked results of elections.

As investigative journalist Spencer Gundert explains in his illuminating article: Hillary Clinton and Electoral Fraud  – “When the polls close in each primary, media organizations release the full exit polling data. Afterwards, Edison Research compares them to actual voting results and makes adjustments. For instance, the exit polls initially showed a 4 point win by Hillary Clinton in New York at 9 PM, but were changed to 12 points at 9:45 once Edison obtained voting results. Therefore, the best time to determine the actual exit poll results is right after voting closes.”

Understanding the difference between unadjusted exit polls and final exit polls is the first, absolutely vital step necessary to comprehend the sheer depth, scale and ubiquity of election fraud in the United States.

Q: “Isn’t this whole scenario just a little bit too tinfoil hat conspiracy theory to be true? Wouldn’t a scam that large be almost impossible to hide?”

A: What makes you think anyone has done a particularly good bloody job of hiding it? Were the lawsuits, recounts and official inquiries into election fraud in Florida (2000) and Ohio (2004) somehow a giant goddamn fucking secret? Are the post-primary legal actions being taken in Arizona, New York and Illinois as we speak in some way obscured from public consciousness? Are you aware that there are dozens and dozens of books written by credible authors, specifically addressing the sordid history of election fraud in America? Did you know that there are numerous, dedicated citizen watchdog groups devoted solely to tracking and fighting election fraud in the United States and abroad? Are you aware that the issue has been explored by mathematicians, engineers, political activists, reporters, comedians and famous actors/actresses – who have all come forward to raise the issue in public spaces over time and in particular, since the rise of the internet? There’s a subtle difference between “nobody is talking about this” and “I’m too certain this is horrifying and impossible to even bother to look” Chummer and frankly, you’ve probably been on the wrong side of that headspace for a while now.

Q: “Okay, maybe national exit polls in a Presidential election might be fairly accurate, but is it really unreasonable to assume they’d be way less accurate in the chaos of a Primary election?”

A: Yes frankly, because the methodology of a state primary poll and a national exit poll are virtually identical; not to mention, likely conducted with similar sample sizes and by the exact same polling service – Edison Research.

Setting those simple facts aside however, there’s still the disturbing question of how exactly unadjusted exit polls in the Democratic Primary are so far off, while the exact same exit polls conducted during Republican primaries have literally all fallen well within the margin of error so far. To yet again quote Spencer Gundert and his excellent piece: Hillary Clinton and Electoral Fraud  – “In every primary I could find data for, the Republican primaries have been almost exactly right, with every data point in the margin of error, during a more polarizing, contentious, and hard-to-predict race. Hence, this should be enough to prove my point: if exit polls were unreliable, then the Republican primaries would have equally bad exit polling data, but they don’t, not even by a long shot.”

Q: “Doesn’t the Democratic Party have the right to choose it’s own nominee? What about all the Caucus wins Sanders has wrapped up, how can you call those democratic? Isn’t voter fraud some made up GOP argument primarily used to deny votes to young people and minorities? Aren’t you just a bitter Bernie supporter?

A: I’ve grouped these questions and accusations together here primarily because they are completely political in nature and only serve to derail serious discussion of election fraud in the American political process. Yes, the Party has the right to nominate it’s own candidate using whatever unarguably shitty rules they decide on to rig the process, but by that same token – I have every mutherfucking right to point out that said process is essentially a form of anti-democratic voter suppression and to howl with rage when they can’t even follow their own goddamn fucking rules because then the anointed, establishment candidate would surely lose.

Regardless, we aren’t talking about open or closed primaries, or the relative democratic merits of the Caucus process; although at this point I would like to take a moment to point out that despite the many disadvantages of Caucus selection, it’s one biggest advantage over a primary is that it’s literally fucking impossible to rig electronically – which probably has a fuck lot more to do with Bernie’s success in Caucus states than some anecdotal, made up theory about young socialists being just too damn aggressive for Clinton supporters to handle in a Caucus environment.

This isn’t even about voter fraud, which is indeed a Republican ghost story conjured up from infinitesimal data points as part of an elaborate plan to stop young people, the poor and minorities from voting against them in elections. This is about literal fucking election fraud, vote rigging – the criminal fixing of elections and primaries at all levels of American government, primarily through the use of black box voting machines.

In short, this problem goes completely fucking beyond mundane concerns like your political beliefs, party affiliation or preferred political candidate – the issue at hand is the very sanctity of our voting process and whether or not we still live in anything even vaguely resembling a democratic society.

If you really must know, my personal political views are far too radical and populist for either major political party in America and while I do genuinely think Sanders is the best available option this election – I have never voted for him, advised anyone else to vote for him or donated even a single dollar to any political campaign run by, or on behalf of Bernie Sanders. Frankly, in light of all the evidence we’ve examined in this series thus far, it seems completely fair to ask if anyone’s political affiliation actually fucking means anything anymore – for all anyone reading this article knows, we’ll all be voting for Donald mutherfucking Trump this November once the voting machines have had their final say in the 2016 Presidential election.

On my, won’t that be just bloody lovely – may the digital democracy deities have mercy on our wretched souls.

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