Wicked Game: the Clandestine Murder of Democracy in America pt 1 – 2016 Dem Primary

Editor’s note: this article is part of an online series about Election Fraud entitled “Wicked Game: the Clandestine Murder of Democracy in America” and you can find a prologue all about Hacking Democracy, black box voting and why computerized vote tabulation simply cannot be trusted, here. This portion of our series focuses on exit polls, Richard Charnin and the overwhelming evidence currently available all over the internet that the 2016 Democratic Primary has been fixed for Hillary Clinton and against democratic socialist candidate Bernie Sanders. Please be reminded that while it is not necessary to follow the links in this article to understand what I’ve written, your comprehension of the piece will be greatly improved by doing so – particularly when discussing Charnin’s data.


The Thin Edge of the Wedge

It was one of those small, superficially insignificant moments really; a snatched phrase on the subway, a heated lunchtime conversation carrying just a few tables too far, or in this case a line of random text in the void from a Twitter account I didn’t know then and couldn’t be arsed to remember now. “Everyone knows that exit polls are wildly inaccurate” the little blue bird chirped and almost instantaneously, a child long since grown said “that’s just not right” from deep inside my mind. Gears that had slowly been turning in the back of my skull for weeks as strange happenings raged across the Democratic Primary season, suddenly surged forward as one – fueled by faint memories of childhood civics lessons, the glorious spectacle of democracy spreading across the tattered remains of Gorbachev’s Iron Curtain and my own, highly calibrated bullshit meter.

Fingers whirling feverishly against my worn down keyboard, I started googling some of the most basic and yet vital questions to the operation of a functional democracy; questions like – who runs elections and primaries, how are votes counted in America, how accurate is exit polling really, how accurate is machine voting historically, what is being done to combat election fraud and is there evidence that elections and primaries in the United States have been criminally altered?

What I found not only shocked and frightened me, but also fundamentally changed how I see both the American political process and roughly the last thirty years of history in the Western World. I truly believe that if you examine the publicly available evidence, you will agree that it is no longer a question of if Democracy has been murdered in America, but one of precisely why the mainstream media is unprepared to explain or even catalogue these heinous fucking crimes against our rights – and of course, what in the name of sweet merciful fucking god we’re going to do about it? Let’s begin where I did, at the end of our current story, with the objectively crooked 2016 Democratic Primary season thus far:


Robbed at Knifepoint: Richard Charnin, Mathematics & Why the 2016 Dem Primary Is Fixed For Clinton

As of this writing, Democratic Primary candidate Bernie Sanders has seen his total vote count decline in 20 of 22 Primary contests from unadjusted exit polling numbers according to publicly available data from CNN released after each contest is over. I know this because of data compiled and analyzed by Richard Charnin, who calculates the odds of that happening naturally “in the wild” as 1 in 16,500 elections – a number which becomes even more goddamn absurd once you examine how much the polls have been off by on average compared to their expected margin of error; nearly six percent among unadjusted polls who’s true MOI is typically three percent or less! In short, and without a goddamn hint of hyperbole whatsoever – it’s is virtually fucking impossible, in a mathematical sense, that the 2016 Democratic Primary hasn’t been rigged against Bernie Sanders if Charnin’s figures are right; although, there is some degree of (wholly disingenuous) dispute on that matter in the mainstream, bought and sold media that has clearly been openly rooting for a Clinton presidency since at least 2013.

Charnin has spent a little time in the news recently because of a deceptive, emotionally manipulative smear job run out by Joshua Holland over at Raw Story that went out of its way to mention Richard’s blog about JFK but “accidentally” failed to mention his two fucking masters degrees in applied mathematics, his years of work developing quantitative models for major financial corporations or the fact that he’s been studying elections since 1952 – a rather convenient but journalistically embarrassing omission, unless it’s actually your goal to make a respected man of letters look like a tinfoil hat-wearing goddamn loony because you have no fucking answer to his numbers that is. Let’s be honest, the Raw Story piece is pure flaming garbage and making any sense of it whatsoever requires you to believe that we spend millions of dollars on exit polls that “just don’t ask the right questions” for “reasons” and that final exit poll numbers are not adjusted to match the final vote count; the latter of which is quite fucking simply a bald-faced lie. I’ll leave the official rebuttal of Holland’s mendacious bullshit up to Charnin himself, but needless to say as a fellow writer I recognize a slimy emotional appeal, completely devoid of facts and stuffed to the brim with dishonest platitudes of “just trust me” when I fucking see one – I easily find Charnin the more credible of the two, and so does the math.

In fact, after several days of diving deeply into his work, I am not in any way ashamed to say that I hold Mr. Charnin in somewhat high regard and that I genuinely believe that if more people were exposed to his work in the field of recording election fraud and made the effort to understand it in context – Richard would be regarded among the greatest American heroes of our time, many of whom are no doubt also among the 61% of Americans polled in 2013 who believe there was a conspiracy to murder JFK; a president who was in fact actually shot and murdered under mysterious circumstances coincidentally enough. We will be linking and referring to his work quite often in this series, particularly when discussing the mathematical evidence that objectively proves widespread election fraud in America since the introduction of computerized black box voting machines – but we won’t be discussing JFK much, since it’s not super relevant to anyone but a pinhead like Josh Holland when examining the subject of election fraud.

Frankly, at this point I honestly feel like we could stop the article right there if you’ve been following the links; to anyone who knows virtually any goddamn thing about mathematically modeling, the historical significance of exit polling and how that exit polling has changed over time, what we’ve seen is already more than enough empirical evidence to indicate the Democratic Primaries have been rigged heavily in Clinton’s favor. Unfortunately however, I happen to know that not a lot of people really do understand mathematical modeling or know anything about the historical purpose of exit polling and I can say this with some measure of confidence because before I started researching this article, I was one of those people! Let’s take a look at some of the basic issues surrounding exit polling and take a little time to debunk the “debunkers” as it were; as always, following the links provided in this section will be extremely helpful in sourcing the facts I’m about to examine:


Exit Polling Strip JPG1


Let’s start with the simplest possible question first; are exit polls accurate and if so, why? The easiest and most direct answer to this question is of course “yes, they are accurate” and in fact they are the most accurate type of election polling when properly conducted – keep the words properly conducted in mind because we’re going to come back to that idea eventually. From a historical perspective, exit polling has been used literally all over the fucking world to check against and provide evidence of election fraud and have been used to successfully overturn election results in Ukraine, Serbia, the Republic of Georgia and Peru. Furthermore, the simple fact is that the superior accuracy of exit polling compared to all other types of polling just makes a certain amount of goddamn common sense – pre-election polling is conducted by landline telephone across a broad base of respondents. Some of these respondents will change their minds before election time, decide not to vote between the time of the poll and the election or simply provide the first name that pops into their heads to make the intrusive pollster fuck off and let them get back to their lives – you’ve done it, right? I know I have. Exit polling on the other hand has the simple, obvious advantage of exclusively targeting people who are definitely voting, no longer have the option of changing their minds and in most cases have a higher level of civic participation than your average pre-election poll respondent, again – if only because it can be objectively proven they got out of bed that day and bothered to fucking vote.

Frankly folks, this isn’t mutherfucking rocket science, which is why exit poll naysayers are forced to introduce doubt regarding the methodology of American exit polls themselves. The biggest lie mainstream media tells you about election fraud is that exit polling organizations don’t properly select a random distribution of respondents to prevent skewing of the polls and the reasons they’ll provide for this are many but universally lacking in substantive evidence – including incompetence of the polling organizations, political bias among exit poll selectors and most ridiculously of all suggesting that shitheel conservatives were ashamed to admit they’d voted for Bush (or the Tory government in the UK) during exit polls.

First of all, let’s just completely demolish the myth that Bush voters were any less likely to respond to exit polling questions than Kerry voters in the 2004 election with these empirical examinations of the actual fucking numbers from said election: Was the 2004 Election Stolen? and The Unadjusted 2004 National Exit Poll: Closing the Book on the returning Gore voter “False Recall” Myth – satisfied? I mean, it really doesn’t make a whole lot of fucking sense frankly – most conservatives I’ve met the world over are ferociously proud of their pathetic attempt to cling to old ideas and braying calls to a golden past that wasn’t very golden if you weren’t a wealthy white landowner. All of a sudden, I’m supposed to believe conservatives en mass inexplicably don’t want to share the odious goddamn opinions they crow about every single fucking day of their lives otherwise? That just doesn’t compute Chummer.

The remaining lies are a little harder to disprove in an empirical sense, but they also tie right back into my previous statement about the exceptional accuracy of exit polls compared to pre-election polling when conducted properly. As such, we shall be forced to use a little bit of the one resource there never quite seems to be enough of anymore in the media these days – mutherfucking logic. The mainstream media and exit poll naysayers want you to believe that incompetent pollsters consistently fail to select a proper representation of the districts they poll – despite the fact that exit polling accounts for this bias by recording a declining voter’s age bracket, gender and any obvious racial background information; precisely so the final numbers can be corrected in fucking response to who was and wasn’t polled. These numbers are also adjusted for political affiliation as well and conducted across voting stations likely to provide a wide demographic of potential respondents, so that pretty much shatters the myth that unadjusted exit poll numbers can be manipulated by political bias as well. These aren’t special goddamn features of Eastern European exit polls being conducted by international monitors for fuck’s sake folks – they’re just how you do exit polling in general.

Of course, if you were a particularly dishonest little media ratfucker like say, Nate Silver, you could simply fall back on sheer incompetence to account for the sudden unreliability of exit polls that only seems to affect Western democracies and timed out exactly with the ubiquitous appearance of FEC standardized black block voting machines in the United States.

Naturally, that does raise an interesting series of questions – if all of these polling companies are consistently incapable of maintaining the bare minimum fucking standard for exit polling, why do giant media corporations like CNN, citizens groups and in some cases our own government keep hiring them?  If they aren’t controlling properly for demographics, why haven’t these companies been replaced by others who will do so? If they don’t ask the right questions, why not and how is it fucking possible in a free market society that still has major fucking suspicions about the 2000 & 2004 Presidential elections, that no superior, more accurate polling service has emerged to replace it? Are you aware that you’re talking about a country where figuring out how to guarantee delivery ten minutes faster than everyone else can lead to the creation of an international fast food franchise, despite your goddamn pizza indisputably tasting like cardboard with some fucking grease on it?

We definitively know there’s a right and a wrong way to conduct exit polls and since that fact can be found with a fucking google search it only stands to reason some enterprising young math geek who can also use the internet would be swooping up contracts left and right if it was just a question of methodology. Why would private corporations that depend on bottom line, accurate information keep hiring polling companies that can’t conduct a simple exit poll properly? Who controls what questions the exit poll asks and why did they decide to stop asking “who did you vote for last election” when that same question can be used to objectively prove widespread, repetitive fraud in American elections? Is it because only a complete goddamn jackass would believe it’s possible for 110% of living Bush voters from 2000 to turn up and vote for him again in 2004; especially since roughly three million of them were either dead by then or hadn’t registered to vote in that next election? Am I seriously supposed to believe that you can run a highly accurate exit poll in bloody Ukraine that proves election fraud, but somehow this is utterly fucking impossible in the richest, most technologically advanced democracy on the fucking planet?

So, now that we’ve established that unadjusted exit polls are accurate, can be used to identify election fraud in infinitely less stable political environments than the United States (like say, Serbia for fuck’s sake) and that the only thing preventing this from being completely fucking obvious to everyone in the country is the fact that they actually fucking adjust the exit polls to match the results – the only real remaining question is, are mainstream media collaborators who cover elections in America stupid, or do they just think we are? In the case of Nate Silver at least, I can assure you folks that from years of reading his work at both the New York Times and Five-Thirty-Eight; Nate is by no means stupid which would appear to answer our prior question fairly convincingly – he thinks we are. Remember folks, Silver is not in the “being wrong about the final results of openly corrupt, fixed elections” business, Nate’s job is to accurately predict the official results of an election as closely as mutherfucking possible and leave the philosophers to sort out non-data driven concepts like “legality” or “fairness.”


Primary Fixing Strip JPG1


Well, are you sick of mathematical models and exit polls yet? Good, because despite the fact that I’m absolutely certain that the exit poll data could not be generated without the Democratic presidential nomination process being completely fucking rigged, I’ve got a whole bunch of regular, old-fashioned evidence to share with you as well. You didn’t seriously think a goddamn putz like Hillary Clinton could rig primary after primary without leaving a massive trail of proof did you?

First and foremost, let’s stop and take a brief look at the unarguably dishonest attempts the Clinton campaign has made to smear, lie about and attack her opponents in the democracy primary through a complicit corporate media and literal goddamn paid trolls on social media.

Those of you who regularly read our site will no doubt remember that time in early April when the Clinton campaign and numerous media surrogates launched a simultaneously coordinated smear campaign on Bernie Sanders that included a too clever by half interrogation of Sanders by a NY tabloid owned by a millionaire Clinton foundation donor who actually vacations with the Clinton family, tried to blame the horrific Sandy Hook massacre on Sanders despite the fact that he had absolutely nothing to fucking do with it and spread a couple of outright lies about how many guns the state of Vermont supplies illegally to criminals in New York. While this incident is at once hardly isolated, or in fact illegal, it presents important and indisputable proof that huge elements of the mainstream media are so far in the tank for Clinton they’re going to need scuba gear and a decompression chamber once the 2016 election is over – including Salon, Fortune, Vice, Vanity Fair  and USA Today as well as more traditional, open Clinton fanatics like the Washington Post and the New York Times. While no sane person would dispute that the media has a responsibility to draw conclusions about each candidate as well as merely report observations, there is no journalism or ethics professor alive that will tell you the media is allowed to fucking lie about one candidate in obvious support of another during a goddamn primary campaign. Frankly, the obvious mainstream media lying, framing and shilling for Hillary Clinton has gotten so out of hand I actually created a humorous page on the site stuffed full of screenshots of various complicit media drones falling all over themselves to dissemble for Clinton – I call it, the Wall of Shame.

This is of course coupled with the utterly disgusting news that one of Hillary Clinton’s Super PACs (at least) has been actively employing an angry mob of online trolls to attack literally anyone who has absolutely anything negative to say about Hillary Clinton on social media sites like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even the comments sections of articles about the 2016 election and primaries. Let’s be honest, this is fucked up enough that I’d be inclined to dismiss it as a conspiracy theory if Clinton’s converted attack dog David Brock hadn’t openly fucking admitted it just over a week ago! Frankly, if the complete clusterfuck my mentions have become is any indication, Hillary really isn’t getting her (mega) money’s worth with these online trolls, which would in and of itself be absolutely fucking hilarious if these lying, harassing psychopaths weren’t attempting to ruin the hard work of grass roots socialists by posting mutherfucking child pornography to outrage opposition supporters and force a Facebook takedown. I think it’s safe to say that legal or otherwise, it is morally goddamn fucking repugnant to employ a fascist shitheel like David Brock and a million bucks worth of online online trolls to harass, gaslight and traumatize regular citizens who don’t happen to like your candidate very much – with fucking child pornography on the internet no less!

Again, the key thing to remember about these coordinated media smears, Clinton campaign endorsed lies and paid public trolling is that posting child porn on the internet aside; they aren’t actually illegal but they are most fucking certainly wrong – a twisted, convoluted headspace of denial that Clinton, her boot-licking media drones and her supporters seem completely comfortable inhabiting all the fucking time; like for example when Hillary explains that as Secretary of State she had no idea what a classified email was and she didn’t think it even slightly fucking odd that she was overseeing CIA gunrunning operations in Libya as one of the ten most powerful members of the government without ever having to send one. It’s probably enough to defend one of the most powerful, wealthy women in the western hemisphere in a purely legal sense, but that in no fucking way whatsoever means a rational person can’t tell she’s lying out of her fucking ass in a purely practical, real world sense.

Then of course, there are the un-fucking-believable incidents of mass voter purges in Arizona and New York leading up to their respective primaries that just sort of conveniently favor both the Republicans and neoliberal, mainstream Democratic party mandarins that run each respective contest; along with ridiculously anti-democratic new voter ID laws, absurdly long lines caused by a lack of polling stations in poor and/or minority neighborhoods, voters being given provisional ballots that wouldn’t be counted despite being eligible to vote normally in the primary and a ridiculously absurd 193 day prior deadline to change party affiliations in New York before the vote that looks like it was fucking designed to screw Independent voters out of backing a socialist Democrat in the state primary. Again, while many of these open violations of voting rights are caused by and primarily benefit Republicans, the simple truth is that in every single mutherfucking case, they also help establishment, Imperialist neoliberals like Hillary Clinton defeat a grassroots, socialist challenger dependent on younger and anti-establishment voters to succeed.

Actually, the entire goddamn New York Primary was an exercise in trampling on voters’ rights; in addition to wrongfully purging at least 100,000 registered Democrats in Brooklyn alone from the voting rolls and recording a completely fucking implausible 11.8% discrepancy between exit polls and Clinton’s final win total, apparently some wholly amoral son of a bitch was actually back-editing older voter records to change their party affiliation (away from Democrat) without their permission! You don’t need to be America’s greatest fucking legal mind to understand that something went very, very wrong in the NY state Democratic Primary this year and once again, isn’t it rather convenient and/or lucky that all these (apparent) literal fucking crimes just happened to go in Hillary’s favor?! The whole situation is so completely and utterly absurd, that the only real option is to laugh the bitter chuckle of a modern day urban peasant trapped in a poorly concealed type of neo-feudalism. Oh, by the way – both the mayor who ordered the investigation into the NY Democratic Primary fiasco and the comptroller who will actually conduct the investigation are open supporters of Clinton, so don’t hold your breath that this is going anywhere legally despite the obvious criminal malfeasance involved.

You also don’t need to be America’s greatest legal mind to watch a Youtube video either, although a little patience wouldn’t hurt:



We pick up the action in this video around the 24:00 minute mark of a Chicago Elections Board audit hearing during the portion allotted for citizens to discuss the results of the audit and bring up any specific complaints with the board about the audit itself. Setting aside the sheer, open suppression of citizens rights alotting a strict five minute time limit to public inquiries allows, what follows is a harrowing, hour long testimonial about a rubber stamped audit with no integrity whatsoever and how the extremely tight Illinois primary was likely stolen from Bernie Sanders by blatant election fraud in the 2016 Primary contest.

In five minute increments, angry citizen after angry citizen describes auditors missing votes, workers directing voters to the wrong polling stations, workings openly lying about election rules to confused new voters, editing vote tallies and even erasing votes to match the official required result. As more than one, extremely well informed petitioner tells us “what we saw here, was not an audit;” while smug Elections Board officials pretend to be completely unconcerned and at times, even openly insult citizens by suggesting they don’t understand what an audit is – when the complaint is clearly about the actual validity of said audit. In one, particularly goddamn Kafkaesqe incident, a woman describes observing one auditor actually fucking erasing twenty-one Sanders votes and adding forty-nine Clinton votes to literally force the audit hand-count to match the official results. Make no goddamn mistakes my friends, that is election fraud and the citizens repeatedly submit sworn affidavits to help prove this claim as well as every other objection raised in the video.

The shit really hits the fan however when a woman from the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project stands up around an hour and three minutes into the hearing to explain that she most certainly is a goddamn expert in election auditing and then adds in no uncertain fucking terms whatsoever that the Chicago audit was a complete mutherfucking sham because it does not meet fundamental guidelines of a legitimate audit. She also challenges the democratic legitimacy of allowing only five minutes to speak when each citizen representative has more than one affidavit or report to discuss. Finally, she outright accuses the auditors and elections board of obstructing her legal right to observe the process in both an administrative and completely literal, physical sense – the auditors were actually trying to obscure their tabulation sheets from the observers during the process!

Are you starting to get the hint yet? There are literally pages, and pages of examples from Democratic Primary contests all over the country showing every day citizens in the United States who think something is very, very fucking fishy about the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Party nomination. Frankly, I haven’t bothered listing all of the controversies because it’s hard to keep up with the sheer mutherfucking volume of accusations – from purposely reduced polling stations in Rhode Island to made up write-in voting rules in the artificially close Wyoming contest and even including breaking goddamn election laws by having Hillary & Bill actually campaign at poll sites on vote day in Ohio; which is in no bloody fucking way whatsoever the minor fucking offense people in the mainstream media are making it out to be!

Readers, friends, terrified Clinton supporters who are just now realizing they voted for an unarguably dishonest, corrupt and literally, fundamentally fucking evil candidate for the Democratic Nomination – when the prosecution in a legal proceeding finds themselves with a completely airtight series of arguments, it is sometimes observed that they will simply rest their case without a closing statement. This is done both to emphasize that the government’s representatives feel absolutely confident they have proven guilt and also to prevent a poorly received closing statement from screwing a conviction up in the final hour. I could write to you here about how little I trust Hillary Clinton, how legitimately concerned I am that she may be indicted for passing classified documents across an unsecured server and how much I openly detest her for her role in the Imperialist murder of brown people in places like Honduras, Haiti, Libya and Iraq. I won’t however, because you have just read or watched a stunning, almost fucking exhausting preponderance of mathematical, historical, logical and testimonial evidence of election fraud in the 2016 Democratic Primary – and it had absolutely nothing to do with obscure Party rules that are somehow completely acceptable to neoliberals who claim to be “left wing” because “it’s not an election” and “the party decides;” even though said rules indicate a clear act of goddamn voter suppression in almost every single case.

The truth is, the 2016 Democratic Party nomination was decided by mainstream Democrat bigwigs, the media who benefited most from Bill Clinton’s 1996 Telecommunications Act and the Clinton family itself. Hillary Clinton was secretly declared the winner, the primary process has been fixed in her favor since day one and it never mattered in the mutherfucking slightest how many progressives, college kids and activists rallied behind Bernie Sanders because the entire goddamn primary season has been rigged against the people from the starting line – plain and simple.


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