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As those of you who read this site are no doubt already aware, I’ve recently devoted the vast majority of my time to exploring election fraud in America with a particular focus on the objectively crooked 2016 Democratic Primary season – which has almost certainly been rigged in favor of Imperialist, corporate establishment candidate Hillary Clinton. Over the course of writing this series, entitled “Wicked Game: the Clandestine Murder of Democracy in America,” I’ve linked to dozens and dozens of articles about aspects of election fraud or the growing controversy surrounding exit poll adjustment/”inaccuracy” in American politics.

Today, I’d like to devote this edition of Recommended Reading to re-examining the very best of these articles on their own and outside of the context in which I referenced them in my own work; to give them a little “shine” in other words and help compile a handy list of links you can share with other people interested in learning about election fraud. As always, please be reminded that retains no rights or responsibilities for these stories whatsoever; I just think they form an excellent set of references for the subject matter at hand:

Hillary Clinton and Electoral Fraud – over at the personal blogging site, investigative journalist Spencer Gundert is one of the writers breaking down the #ExitPollGate scandal in real time and his work has been referenced by numerous other writers and investigators in the growing Election Fraud community. Perhaps the most important thing about Spencer’s work however is his detailed, informative and thoroughly referenced look at the mechanics of exit polling; find out who conducts polls, how/why are they adjusted after the final vote comes in and who pays for/ultimately controls the data. Gundert also takes time to discuss the mechanics of black box machine voting and the twin issue of voter suppression, which also represents an unconscionable violation of democratic voting rights in America. If you only have time to read one more article about election fraud today, Spencer’s article is the one you want to go with this time around.

We Need to Fix Our Broken Election System – actor and political activist Tim Robbins has recently taken a lot of flak in the media for daring to speak up about the issue of election fraud when he tweeted out a meme about incriminating exit polls in Democratic Primaries, created by Lee Camp from data collected and analyzed by Richard Charnin; two people who appear elsewhere on this list. After getting jumped on by multiple media outlets, Robbins then went quiet for a while and I think a lot of people researching election fraud issues assumed he’d moved on to other subjects. I’m happy to say however that wasn’t the case as Tim replied yesterday on Huffington Post with an intelligent, thoughtful and well-sourced rebuttal essay that calls for an objective investigation into the violation of voting rights all across America. Robbins doesn’t pull any punches either when he reminds the audience that the same mainstream media who attacked the anti-war movement during the Bush Administration has now turned its predatory attention on citizens talking about election fraud, voting rights and exit polls. Tim also spends time discussing widespread voter suppression, black box machine voting and the open coronation of Hillary Clinton as the next American President in the mainstream media for the past seven years. If you found yourself buying in to the corporate media portrayal of Robbins as a loose cannon who’s more concerned with Sanders winning the nomination than democracy or the voting process, this article should rapidly disabuse you of any such notions.

Investigative Journalism: Why Bernie may have actually won New York – although, I have at times in the past been somewhat critical of the journalist merits of Reddit investigations, the free and easy access to the platform does continue to find ways to shock and amaze me. Such is the case here as user “turn-trout” takes a detailed, well-researched and at times painfully objective look into reported evidence of election fraud in both the NY Democratic Primary and other Democratic Primary contests throughout the country. Taking a decidedly scientific approach to his (or her) investigation, turn-trout explores literally every possible explanation for the discrepancy between exit polls and the final results in Democratic Primary elections this cycle – both malicious and mundane. Although the author stops just short of definitely stating that a crime (or series of crimes) has been committed, even the most favorable interpretations of the data presented seem to clearly indicated something has gone terribly wrong during this primary season – especially in New York.

A Reply to Nate Silver’s “Ten Reasons Why You Should Ignore Exit Polls” – in the twin worlds of election coverage and predictive analytic analysis, Nat Silver is an unchallenged nerd-king rock star whose predictions pass as inevitable reality to a growing subset of young-ish, liberal readers. One thing few readers remember however is that Silver is in the “predicting the final results of elections” business and not in the “finding election fraud” racket. Well mathematician, author and election researcher Richard Charnin is in the finding election fraud business and he has a legitimate, well-researched bone to pick with Nate’s long-term denial of both election fraud and the value of unadjusted exit polls. This is the article you’ll want to show people who dismiss exit polls out of hand and reference obvious disinformation pieces in the mainstream media about the value of exit poll data. Charnin is also, in my opinion, the leading mathematical authority on election fraud in US Presidential Election history, so by all means consider making some time to poke around his blog – although this is an older article, Richard is still writing about election fraud to this day and he’s been particularly interested in signs of fraud during the notably corrupt 2016 Democratic Primary season.

Only Voter Suppression Can Stop Bernie Sanders – over at Huffpost Politics, author and researcher Tony Brasunas takes an in depth look at how the Democratic Party is fixing the Primary process for Hillary Clinton, widespread voter suppression and questions whether or not the Democratic Primary contests in Arizona and/or New York were examples of outright election fraud. Combining both mathematical data and astute political analysis, Brasunas makes a convincing argument that without the open support and indeed, collusion of corporations, the Democratic Party and election boards across the country – Sanders would be handily winning the nomination race after the NY Primary. The author’s scathing condemnation of party politics is also joined by an impassioned, but rational entreaty for Americans to demand full manual recounts in both Arizona and NY to help restore voting rights to the numerous people cheated out of those rights during the primary contests in these states.

Was the 2004 Election Stolen? – this 2006 article by activist and former politician Robert F Kennedy Jr exploded across the pages of Rolling Stone around about the same time HBO’s terrifying documentary “Hacking Democracy” was released and together, these two efforts remain to this day the most significant mainstream coverage the issue of election fraud has been granted in American media. Although this article primarily concerns the 2004 election that George Bush almost certainly stole from John Kerry through black box voting, voter suppression and outright election fraud – the pattern Kennedy exposes in this article remains the blueprint for destroying democracy in America to this very day. Whatever you may think of RFK jr’s personal life, or the dissolution of his political career not long after this piece was published; Kennedy’s painstaking work to document late ballots, uncounted votes, shredding opposition voter registration forms and all sorts of other, obvious examples of criminal malfeasance represents the single, most detailed examination in mainstream media so far of the precise process by which any election can be stolen in the United States.

How They Stole Ohio – in another 2006 article, investigative journalist Greg Palast looks at the corrupted Ohio vote count during the 2004 Presidential Election as well as clear evidence of criminal malfeasance in the 2000 Presidential Election. Focusing on uncounted votes, Palast reveals how millions of American votes were simply discarded in either election and how those votes were conveniently, overwhelmingly for the Democratic candidate. As an aside, Greg’s warning about the long term effects of then unpassed voter ID laws is particularly haunting in light of their drastic effect on both Primary seasons so far in this election.

An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders – in this short, but informative letter over on, statistician and voters rights activist Beth Clarkson explores statistical evidence that this year’s primaries have been fixed in favor of establishment candidates, touches on how this is likely to help the Republican party in the fall and implores Bernie Sanders to use his expanded legal rights as a candidate to expose election fraud in America. In particular, it’s important to note that Clarkson states in no uncertain terms that the discrepancies she’s observed cannot be explained by voter demographics and indeed suggests they reveal a pattern clearly consistent with election rigging.

Explaining Exit Polls – an extremely straightforward exit poll primer from the American Association for Public Opinion Research for people confused by how and why exit polls are conducted after elections. The primary value of this article to the overall discussion of exit polls and election fraud is to prove definitively that the poll numbers are cooked after the election to make them match the final (possibly manipulated) vote count. See – It is important to note that after the votes have been counted, the exit poll results are adjusted to match the actual election outcomes. It is in this way that the final exit poll data can be used for its primary and most important purpose – to shed light on why the election turned out the way it did.

Land of the Free? Harvard Study Ranks America Worst in the West for Fair Elections – although not entirely focused on election fraud, this thought provoking article by Claire Bernish over at Free Thought Project does a remarkably effective job of shattering the myth of American democratic superiority. Touching on voter suppression, the power of American political parties to subvert democracy and the impact of the Citizen’s United ruling – Bernish examines a damning Electoral Integrity Project report that ranks the USA dead last in terms of perceived election integrity among 139 nations worldwide!

Hacking Democracy – okay, so this entry is technically cheating because it’s not an article but actually an hour and twenty minute long documentary about black box voting machines and activist Bev Harris‘s terrifying quest to find out how American votes are counted. Watching this film was the single most important thing I did in terms of studying, understanding and accepting the vast scope of election fraud in the United States; in fact, I wrote extensively about the contents of this documentary in the Prologue to the Wicked Game series because until you know just how easy it is to commit election fraud with black box voting – it can be a little hard to accept the reality of a scandal as big as the one our voting process has objectively become in the past twenty-five or so years! Watch as Harris and the BlackBoxVoting team travel across the country exposing the insecurity, lack of proper regulations and byzantine secrecy behind machine counted voting in America – you’ll never look at voting, election officials or electronic ballot machines the same way again. Bev, HBO and her team of activists do such an amazing job of destroying the credibility of voting machine manufacturers, election board officials and the actual software that counts the votes themselves that it’s a little hard to believe machine counted voting is actually still ubiquitous and not outright illegal in the United States.

Redacted Tonight: Election Fraud Special Report! – once again, this isn’t an article but rather a video from comedian and journalist Lee Camp, whose regular show on RT America has become something of a hub for election fraud issues in this year’s Democratic Primary season. In my brief interactions with Lee on social media, I’ve found him witty, entertaining and extremely knowledgeable about the issue of election fraud and in fact, this Election Fraud Special represents only one of many hilarious but more importantly extremely informative videos Lee has produced on this indisputably crooked 2016 Democratic nomination race. In particular, Camp consistently interviews knowledgeable experts in the field of election fraud like Greg Palast, Mike Papantonio and Richard Charnin to provide the audience with expert, verifiable analysis absolutely stuffed with statistical data about widespread election fraud during this primary.

Chicago Election Board Meeting – 2016-04-05 – to be completely fair, this video is extremely boring and if your only purpose for watching it is to identify direct evidence of election fraud, you’ll probably want to just skip ahead to the 24:00 minute mark right now. What follows is one hour of shocking, compelling and utterly bloody terrifying testimony from citizen activists about overt, confirmed malfeasance during the audit of votes after the Illinois Democratic Primary. Of particular note here is the dismissive, borderline disinterested attitude of the officials on the actual Chicago Election Board – if these people are indicative of the forces protecting democracy in America, we’re frankly in a whole lot of trouble my friends.


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