My Saturday Night With Sady Doyle

If I’m being completely honest with you folks, this post is already something I find more than a little embarrassing. As I creep closer to the age of forty, one incontrovertible truth that I have discovered is that none of the sick ass burns you’re so proud of in the middle of an online spat hold up very well in the light of reason a mere hours later. Furthermore, my dedication to the fine art of typing on Twitter has at times been, to put it charitably; virtually goddamn nonexistent. Thus, I have adopted a policy of leaving social media spats on social media as much as humanly possible.

Unfortunately, I have now been forced to amend my policy in the wake of the carefully calculated effort to get Matt Bruenig fired from both of his jobs because he, rightfully I might add, called Neera Tanden a scumbag. This is of course because Tanden is without a single goddamn question, actually a fucking scumbag – I really don’t want to waste a lot of time on this so lets just start and end with the part where she asked if Libya should pay for the American forces that wrecked the country while deposing Gaddafi; right.

So wait, if an argument with Neera Tanden got Matt Bruenig fired, how in the holy fuck did that produce a twenty minute long, completely fucking unhinged Twitter thread between New York “journalist” Sady Doyle and myself?

Well it all starts with Vox, Matthew Yglesias and essentially the same pack of pathetic, sycophant neoliberal media drones I regularly feature on our Wall of Shame; including Sady Doyle. You see Matty, who’s a dorky neoliberal that even other neoliberals have trouble stomaching, wrote this incredibly shitty excuse for an article this morning that was really just a thinly-veiled, extremely fucking crass attempt to smear the shit out of Matt Bruenig for his corporate masters. Naturally, many pinkos on Twitter, myself included called him out on his stunning lack of journalistic integrity.

Now, in order to write the smear, Matty needed someone to outright accuse Matt Bruenig of harassment, which is where Sarah Jeong comes in. Jeong’s evidence at best proves that some of the people who follow Bruenig are dicks, but Matty runs with it anyway – causing the entire neoliberal bullshit-o-sphere online to spring into action. I’m not linking you to all that garbage, just look up the Twitter feed of any neoliberal on our Wall of Shame for Saturday, May 21st and you’ll get the idea pretty quick.

Among the many mendacious media morons to open fire? Sady Doyle, who at one point re-tweeted a comment at Sarah Jeong that absolutely was not harassment, as evidence of harassment. I naturally quote-tweeted it and pointed out that it was in no way harassment. I then also reminded my followers that Sady Doyle was on the Wall of Shame and at that point I honestly assumed my evening was over; my mistake friends.

What follows bellow, is a tweet by tweet screen capture of every single thing Sady Doyle and I said to each other on the evening of Saturday, May 21st, 2016. I am posting it here for legal purposes, in light of the literally repeated attempts to get Matt Bruening and anyone who supports Matt Bruenig fired or punished for doing so in some way. For the most part, the tweets are in order, with the occasional block of tweets captured together running in reverse order because that was just quicker and easier on me. I am of course not a medical doctor, but I can say with some certainty that it is a rare, professional journalist who would engage in this type of behavior online after positioning herself as a one woman crusade against online harassment earlier that same day.

First up we have just Sady’s tweets at me and as I said, roughly in order with some runs reversed due to the nature of screenshots on the internet:


My Saturday Night With Sady Doyle Her Tweets Panel 1 JPG

My Saturday Night With Sady Doyle Her Tweets Panel 2 JPG1


Next up, we have my replies to Sady’s Tweets with her messages capture quoted as often as humanly possible:


My Saturday Night With Sady Doyle My Quoted Replies Panel 1 JPG1

My Saturday Night With Sady Doyle My Quoted Replies Panel 2 JPG1

My Saturday Night With Sady Doyle My Quoted Replies Panel 3 JPG1

My Saturday Night With Sady Doyle My Quoted Replies Panel 4 JPG1

My Saturday Night With Sady Doyle My Quoted Replies Panel 5 JPG1


At that point, Sady apparently grew tired of cut and pasting “Tweet! Delete!” into my timeline; one might guess that this was about when the tequila started to wear off, but this is of course purely speculative reasoning on my part.

Regardless, there you have it – my Saturday Night with Sady Doyle in all of it’s resplendent glory. It is my hope that future scholars, legal analysts and students of human psychology are able to use this knowledge to draw their own conclusions and inform future decisions.

PS – never try to fuck a mutherfucker Sady; you ain’t got the jaws.


  • Nina Illingworth, May 22nd, 2016


Edit: since this writing, it has come to my attention that Sady Doyle’s bizarre tweets about an “operation to remove the tweets” were in fact a transphobic, bigoted attack she searched up on my website from a poem about being trans, while we were um… chatting. This really doesn’t surprise me considering the obvious intent to cause me harm in her tone and language but you can read more about it here; how this woman has ANY right to speak on the subject of online harassment if she behaves like this, I really couldn’t tell you. Transphobia, bigotry and hypocrisy have no place on the left or in so called “liberal” media.


Edit 2:

Sady Lying about Being a BigotEdit: right now, as we speak Sady Doyle is telling everyone that what you’ve just read and seen is not transphobic bigotry, online harassment and abuse – you can see a suggestion of how she’s spinning this on the right here. These are the simple facts:

  • Sady Doyle engaged in a 30 minute attempt to destabilize and harass me on Twitter
  • during that attempt she absolutely admitted she was looking at my website
  • someone was crawling through obscure pages on my website literally while she and I were “talking”
  • there was precisely one hit on a page where I admitted to being post op trans
  • Sady then proceeded to immediately make at least 3 tweets referencing “an operation to remove the tweets”
  • Sady’s tone during those bigoted tweets is consistent with her attempts to mock & hurt me throughout
  • Sady has only deleted the tweets that said operation on her account – almost certainly to hide her guilt
  • Sady is right now lying to people about hurling transphobic bigotry and abuse at me on Twitter

Those are the facts. Do with them what you will.

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