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Recently, it has come to my attention that a couple of older websites I’ve run are up for renewal and accordingly, I have made the executive decision not to waste any more money on them; at least in part because I have this site here now. The fact that it’s an unnecessary expenditure and we run this ship on an extremely tight budget did also come into play, I must admit.

Unfortunately, I’m quite fond of some of the writing available on one of the sites that will go down and after a couple weeks of soul-searching, I’ve decided to migrate the content here. Although I feel that the subject matter and tone of the work are unlikely to have much crossover on this site, they are still fine examples of the Gonzo-Lite style of writing I’ve spend the better part of my life teaching myself. Vanity is an ugly sin folks, but I simply couldn’t bear to part with them. Posting them here now, also gives me an excuse to publish sports-related articles at a later point in time if I just need a break; if things had broken a little differently and I hadn’t become extremely ill in November of 2015, there’s a non-zero percent chance I’d still be writing sports humor today.

If by some miracle you are interested in reading them, you can find these new posts under the sub-header “Sports” at the top of the page – it’s under Books & Film if you can’t find it. All of the articles were “posted” on April 10th, 2016 so as to not interfere with the normal ebb and flow of this website’s usual updates. I’ve also included links to a few of my favorite pieces from IcePuckChic bellow:


Jake Rudock Must Die for the Harvest
Denial, Despair and Danny Fucking Cleary
The Return of the King: Week 1 NFL Picks
Flowers for Megatron
Down & Out on Purple Hills: Wk3 NFL Picks
Of Mountain Sized Mice & Michigan Men
The Feeble and the Damage Done
Fiendland: Week 4 NFL Picks
Our Father: Open Letter to Jim Harbaugh
Enmityville: Week 5 NFL Picks
Smashing Young Man: Larkin Era Begins
Hell Comes to Hogtown: Wk6 NFL Picks


  • Nina Illingworth


PS: yes, I am open to sports freelance work opportunities but the standard rules apply folks; I don’t get out bed for less than $50 American and I need complete creative control over the final product in terms of language. I’m more flexible on content; we can both agree that there’s a line between blue humor and outright perversion/vulgarity. I should also mention that I’d be interested in doing an NFL picks column again next season if someone were paying but as it takes at least three whole days a week to compile a proper one, I hope you’ll understand that we’d be talking more than fifty dollars at that point. With that in mind, feel free to contact me.


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