Donald Trump: FailTrain 2016 Memes

Editor’s Note: over the course of the 2016 election, I have on a few occasions been asked “why don’t you write more about Donald Trump” and I’ve been turning the idea of answering it in essay form over in my mind for a couple of months now. Truthfully, I might still write such an essay at some point in the very near future; if only to objectively prove to a number of my least informed friends that I am in no way hoping for a Donald Trump presidency.

Somewhere rattling around inside my skull, there is a longer, more well-thought out answer to this question but for the purposes of time and space let me just keep it brief – I don’t find repeating Trump’s bigotry either informative or amusing and I don’t believe there’s a skeleton inside Trump’s closet that will convince people not to vote for him any more than the objectively insane shit he’s said/done already.

There is however, one unarguably funny thing about Donald Trump that I can talk about without propagating his bigotry, legitimizing his insultingly selfish campaign or actively embracing tactics endorsed by David Brock – the fact that the bloviating billionaire bullshit-artist doesn’t even fucking want to be President; not really anyway. As evidence that Trump is in way over his fat fucking head continues to mount, I decided to create a small collection of Trump “self-sabotage” memes for your viewing enjoyment and sharing pleasure.

Behold, the Donald Trump FailTrain 2016 Collection – you can find source material for each of the memes simply by clicking on the image itself:


FailTrain 2016 Nukes


FailTrain 2016 Media


FailTrainTraitor Ted


FailTrain War on Ryan


FailTrain 2015 Insults Family


FailTrain Porn Ban



Donald Trump ladies and gentlemen – possibly the only man in all of America who’s more ready for Hillary than Peter fucking Daou.


  • Nina Illingworth


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