Info Meme of the Week: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Pt Six – Nikki Haley

Editor’s Note: the hits keep on coming in the world of American politics as President-elect and swine emperor Donald Trump continues to stock his government with a disturbing gaggle of bigots, fundamentalists and scam artists; a group I’ve taken to calling the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants here on as we Info Meme each of these mendacious miscreants one at a time in this series.

Next up in our terrifying tapestry of terrible turds is at once a stealth reminder that the lunacy of the American Tea Party never truly ended and abject proof that neoliberal identity politics can be weaponized by the worst fucking scumbags alive to humanize notably terrible people; South Carolina Governor and Trump’s pick for new US Ambassador to the UN – Nikki Haley.





Nikki Haley’s Pay-to-Play Politics

State Leaders Blast Nikki Haley for Another Pay-to-Play Appointment

8 Things To Know About South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley

Stop Lying: Haley is Not the Hero Who Defeated the Confederate Flag

The Mainstreaming of Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley: Pro-life ex-Tea Party star; Trump’s First Female Appointment

Rape Crisis Center Funding is ‘Pork,’ Says Awful Governor Nikki Haley

South Carolina: Union jobs aren’t welcome here

Is South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley Violating Her Own State Law?

Nikki Haley is the opposite of Donald Trump

Gov. Nikki Haley On The View: ‘Women Don’t Care About Contraception’

South Carolina legislature passes restrictive Abortion bill

Nikki Haley Makes National List For Bad Behavior

CREW: Worst Governors in America Report (Page 71-78)

Gov. Nikki Haley: Voter ID Laws ‘Not Racist’

Will Gov. Haley Personally Drive 178,000 Disenfranchised Voters To The DMV?

South Carolina Voters Are Getting Misleading Instructions About Voter ID

Court Finds Gov. Nikki Haley Violated Protesters’ Civil Rights

Scoppe: McMaster didn’t kill ethics, but Haley’s doing her best

In Wake of Terror Attack, SC Signs New Gun Legislation into Law

How The Worst Political State Ruined The Republican Party’s Best Hope

Georgia Seeks To Ram “Savannah River Sellout” Down SC’s Throat


The simple truth is that right now Nikki Haley’s national popularity is being propped up by the absurd, media-directed assumption that she’s a kinder, more racially tolerant kind of Republican because she finally agreed to take the Confederate Flag down several days after a violent racist murdered nine African Americans in a historically black, Charleston church. This perception has only been bolstered by the racism and sexism she’s faced inside her own party, being an Indian-American woman.

Frankly, it’s a nice story and there even parts of it that are true; but as you can see from the numerous links above, Haley is clearly still a hard-right, Tea Party Republican who’s practically dripping in dirty money from nightmare, industrialist donors. This is in my mind, one of the greatest dangers of both neoliberal faux-identity politics and allowing the extremist, “fundie fascist” nature of Trump’s new government set the standard for what is acceptable; in 2014 Nikki Haley was easily one of the worst goddamn neanderthal Republican politicians in the country – suddenly today, and next to the likes of Steve Bannon or Jeff Sessions, she somehow seems innocuous and normal; despite having changed almost nothing about her beliefs, policies or behavior at all.

Note: Please be reminded that if you’re having trouble reading this Info Meme, you can simply right click on the picture and select “view this image” to pop out a larger version. Additionally, please feel free (and indeed, encouraged) to post this meme anywhere you like and remember that you can provide sources to both interested observers and obnoxious ideologues simply by linking them back to this post – which in turn will help me grow my audience and collect enough donations to eat; so it’s win/win for everyone involved!

Ultimately, Nikki Haley isn’t the worst Evil Mutant on this list by a long shot and really, that in and of itself might be the problem. Donald Trump is assembling a ravenous, bloodthirsty pack of warmongering, neocon ghouls, renowned racists, fundamentalists and boot-licking lackeys that serve the interests of terrifying, radical libertarian billionaires; the fact that a regressive, anti-women’s health scam artist who openly dog-whistles to Islamophobes and actively seeks to destroy organized labor doesn’t even rate – should frankly, scare the fuck out of you.

Stay strong, fight “whatever the fuck this nightmare is” and Swing Heil.


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