Info Meme of the Week: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Pt Seven – Steven Mnuchin

Editor’s note: we have now arrived at our seventh entry in an ongoing look at the pack of Evil Mutants Donald Trump is bringing into the US government and suddenly, the Trump transition team has kicked into hyper-drive to name new appointments and nominees faster than I can possibly meme them. While this is a minor irritant, the simple truth is that there’s plenty of time to dissect the rapacious pack of neanderthals, fundamentalists and radical libertarians forming Trump’s cabinet before inauguration day; I may pause to pack for my upcoming move or publish an unrelated essay – but none of these bastards will escape our attention; not even deputies & assistants.

Next up in the swine emperor’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is Trump’s openly insulting choice for US Treasury secretary; Goldman Sachs alumni, financial predator and former partner with noted Trump nemesis George Soros – Steve “the Foreclosure King” Mnuchin: 





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Frankly, I kept the intro to this post relatively short because I think much of Steven Mnuchin’s past speaks for itself; he’s precisely the type of sick parasite fuck who both caused the 2008 worldwide financial crisis and then managed to profit from the austerity nightmare that ensued. Who the fuck does Trump think he’s kidding anyways; how can you drain the swamp with a Vampire Squid alumnus who’s been in bed with George Soros and indeed, the Democratic Party for years? Remember kids, in 2009 it was the Obama administration letting Mnuchin buy mortgages for pennies on the dollar and foreclose on old people with government reimbursement; not George Bush and the Republicans.

Truly however, it’s hard to properly express what an insufferably greedy, amoral shitheel Mnuchin is without diving into the details of the time he spent foreclosing mortgages on poor people and victims of the financial crisis. Among other things, Mnuchin’s company OneWest attempted to take a 90-year old woman’s home over a 27-cent payment error, changed the locks on a woman’s home during the middle of a blizzard and attempting to foreclose on a 103-year old woman’s property even though she was paying; simply because her insurance had lapsed. The company has been singled out by independent watchdog organizations for disproportionate targeting of the elderly and communities of color; even notably sleazy New York Governor Andrew Cuomo got in on the act and accused OneWest of squeezing Sandy Hook victims. In 2009, a New York judge forced the company to forgive a $525K mortgage after it was found they’d refused to fairly negotiate with and indeed actively harassed one Long Island Family before attempting to throw them out on the street right around Thanksgiving; the judge described OneWest’s actions as “harsh, repugnant and repulsive” before further noting that their conduct had been “inequitable, unconscionable, vexatious, and opprobrious.”

In short, Steve Mnuchin is a ratfucking leech who’s job in Trump’s cabinet is going to be destroying all the regulations designed to stop Wall Street from repeating the 2008 financial crisis so that all of his (and Trump’s) rich friends and donors can skullfuck the country for a few extra taels of silver; although he appears to be neither a bigot, nor a warmongering fundamentalist – in many ways, this makes Mnuchin Trump’s most dangerous appointment of all.

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Simply put, if at this point you aren’t starting to realize that everything even remotely “positive” about Donald Trump’s campaign for President of the United States is a complete fucking lie and we’re headed into a hellish, dystopian era of deregulation, runaway capitalism and mass, enforced austerity – we’ll, your name is probably Bill Mitchell and you should drop some coins in the tip jar you fat, evil-elf looking fuck.

Stay strong, fight capitalism and Swing Heil my friends.


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