A Brief Thought: Pyrrhic Victory & the Spoils of “Russiagate”

Editor’s Note: without question, June 2017 has been one of the most politically consequential half-months in the history of what we deceptively continue to call “Western Democracy” and at this point my friends I am in fact so far behind (because of a mild case of writer’s block) that I genuinely fear I’ll be playing catch up until early 2018. I currently have stories on the burner about the Grenfell Tower fire & the GOP baseball practice shooting, our alarming escalation in Syria & what it means for our relationships with Russia, Saudi Arabia & Iran as well as the second half of my breakdown of James Comey’s June 8th testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee that still has a number of important clues to dissect.

In short I am up to my eyeballs in work and despite the fact that I’m hoping to release at least three new articles over the next thirty-six hours, I still feel compelled to ask for your patience while I try to catch up to a world that has undoubtedly gone stark raving mad – I’ve literally spent the past two and a half days just reading, analyzing and collecting sources and frankly there doesn’t seem to be an end to the insanity in site.

As a result today’s Brief Thought is going to be a quick and dirty look at how the Democratic Party’s “Russiagate” conspiracy theory has paid off in spades (for elite Democrats) even though the two core accusations that founded it are still completely unproven and will almost certainly remain so.



Note: if you’re having trouble reading the above info-graphic, just right click on it and select “view this image” to pop out a larger version; I’m working on writing on shorter summations so that I can use larger text on the memes themselves but it’s definitely still a work in progress at the moment. Please also remember to check out my (extremely brief this time) comments after the admittedly voluminous “Sources” section of this article.


Sources By Topic:


I Told You So: Trapping the Swine Emperor Edition

Fantastic Lies: How He Falls

Clinton blew the most winnable election in modern American history

A Brief Thought: Madness, Mendacity & Motive


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The State Department’s Wrongheaded Push for War With Syria

The Slide Toward War With Russia

Let’s Be Clear: Establishing a ‘No-Fly Zone’ Is an Act of War

Syria air strikes: 51 state department officials urge Barack Obama for tougher action

 What could go wrong for the U.S. in Syria? War with Russia

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Info Meme of the Week: Donald’s Double Dutch

As tensions mount over Syria and North Korea, World War III again a U.S. fear

Russia Warns U.S. After Downing of Syrian Warplane

Russia warns US its fighter jets are now potential target in Syria

The US escalation in Syria and the threat of world war


“We’re Capitalist” Doesn’t Cut It, Nancy Pelosi

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ICE agents are out of control. And they are only getting worse

Military Intervention in Syria Is a Bad Idea

Column: Twenty reasons not to attack Iran

Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s warning to Iran

ABT: Hunting Hawks Through Smoke & Shadow

A “New Cold War” Against Russia Is a Terrible Idea


For once I frankly don’t have a whole hell of a lot to add here because everything in the above info-graphic is relatively self evident if you’ve been following the “Russiagate” saga and if you haven’t, reading the forty links included above will help you catch up to speed better than anything I can say here would:


All that really leaves us with is the question of whether or not a wild conspiracy theory that even Democrats and their most loyal media allies are beginning to back away from, was ever true at all and the answer to that question is an emphatic no:


Recommended Reading: Giant Russia Theory Edition

From Russia, with Panic

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CrowdStrike, The DNC’s Security Firm, Was Under Contract With The FBI

There Remains No Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion

Warner on Russia probe: ‘We have no smoking gun at this point’

Feinstein Says There is No Evidence of Collusion Between Trump Associates & Russia

Sam Stein Destroys Maxine Waters Over The Definition Of Collusion

Clinton Ally Says Smoke, But No Fire: No Russia-Trump Collusion

Obama’s intel chief says he knows of no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion

The Big Fat Compendium Of Russiagate Debunkery


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