The Giant Russia Theory


“There is a hate layer of opinion and emotion in America. There will be other McCarthys to come who will be hailed as its heroes.” – Max Lerner


To tell you the truth, I honestly don’t know why this page actually exists. If you had told me back in September of last year that I’d still be debunking Russophobic conspiracy theories about the 2016 US Election in late March of 2017, I’d probably have laughed in your face. As regular readers of this website will no doubt already be aware, I am utterly confident that the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory has been completely blown out of the water multiple times over and I believe the primary reason we’re even talking about this issue today is because establishment Democrats need an excuse for blowing a winnable election against a fascist reality TV star.

Despite this and likely owing to thousands of hours worth of highly-speculative media coverage of the issue, I am often asked by enraged conspiracy theorists to explain why I so strongly doubt that Donald Trump is working for, or compromised by Vladimir Putin and the Russian government. As you can imagine, it’s a bit of a pain in the ass to keep all of these links on hand every time an angry MSNBC viewer wants to “see the receipts” so I decided to collect everything together here on one page.

Below you’ll find chronologically ordered links to all of my articles questioning or debunking what I’ve taken to calling “the Giant Russia Theory” – in a small hat-tip to the cult classic movie, The Boondock Saints.


Articles about the Giant Russia Theory in US Politics


Joy-Ann Reid & the Return of McCarthyism

Trump is an Authoritarian Nightmare, not a Russian Spy

The Deep State Dilemma

Fantastic Lies: the Russia Ruse Runs out of Rope

James Comey Strikes Again

The Neoliberal Establishment’s Russian Shell Game

Recommended Reading: Giant Russia Theory Edition

High Nunes

Despinning Michael Flynn, Again

Fantastic Lies: Of Bernie Bros & Bolshevik Bot Networks

Madness, Mendacity & Motive

Baby Steps: a Paint By Numbers Coverup & the Fall of James Comey

A Brief Thought: the Trump Card

Way Down In The Hole: Beginning of the End For Trump

Fantastic Lies: How He Falls

Rules of Engagement

I Told You So: Trapping the Swine Emperor Edition

Dead Man Talking: Comey Finally Delivers – Part One

Stonewall Sessions

Pyrrhic Victory & the Spoils of “Russiagate”

Dead Man Talking: Comey Finally Delivers – Part Two

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants: Jared Kushner

ABT: Dimwitted Donny Jr Goes Domino Dancing

ABT: Clinton, Facebook & the Ridiculous Russiagate Redux 

A Letter to an Anonymous Friend About the Current State of the “Russiagate” Scandal

Russiagate, Swine Emperor Trump And Me

Gimme Shelter: Russiagate, Foreign Policy & the Coming Forever War – Part One

Bipartisan Support: Russiagate, Foreign Policy & the Coming Forever War – Part Two

The Simple Truth: No Puppet


Editor’s Note: this is a living document designed to provide a “home base” full of easily accessible links to all of my writing about the Giant Russia Theory and will be updated as I complete more articles on the subject. I honestly don’t know how many more posts I’ll ultimately write about a conspiracy theory I never had any interest in examining in the first place, but there is a pretty good chance it’ll be more than zero because neither mainstream Democrats nor sensationalist corporate media seem prepared to let the story go – check back for more updates as this sad saga unfolds.


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