Info Meme of the Week: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Pt Fifteen – John F Kelly

Editor’s note: well, I’m on a roll and posting things pretty much every day again so I’ll keep the editor’s note brief this time; since Donald Trump’s ominous election back in November I’ve been tracking all the whackjob fascists, greedy feudalists and bigoted fundamentalists the swine emperor has brought into his government in a series I call the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants – because I’m an aging nerd.

Today’s Evil Mutant is a man who helped perpetuate human rights violations in a dubious, out of jurisdiction prison pretty much every single day for most of the past three years; retired General and new US Secretary of Homeland Security, John F Kelly




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As a direct result of both the Trump administration’s insane new (Muslim) travel ban and the government’s open saber rattling towards Iran, I’ve recently spent quite a bit of time examining the type of retired General that The Donald seems keen to bring into the government and I think I’ve noticed a common theme or three; they’re all (in)famously quotable, they’ve all openly quarreled with former President Obama and every single goddamn one of them wants to attack Iran. One smaller military-themed blog I was reading hypothesized that Trump really wanted to hire Col. Jessup from “A Few Good Men” to protect his border wall but upon learning that Jessup wasn’t real, decided to settle for Kelly instead – which definitely sounds pretty goddamn accurate to me after examining Kelly’s record.

Of course, it goes without saying that the secretly imperialist and anti-undocumented migrant Democratic Party absolutely fucking loves this guy; he made it through his Senate Confirmation hearing by a shocking score of 88 to 11 over the objections of human rights & immigration activists and despite openly sabotaging various halfhearted attempts by President Obama to actually close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. Hell, his enthusiastic support for Plan Colombia alone should have disqualified this jerk on the spot. I guess the thinking on either side of the aisle in Washington is that if you’re going to have a useless “war on drugs” and an inhumane “war on illegal aliens” you might as well put a guy who runs everything like an army in charge of a $40 billion a year civilian department of government that has entirely far too much power over the lives of entirely far too many people; boy won’t visiting airports over the next for years be fun?

Smoke em if ya got em kids, with inhuman monsters like this flying the goddamn plane – the whole fucking thing could come crashing down at any moment.


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