Info Meme of the Week: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Pt Fourteen – “Mad Dog” Mattis

Editor’s note: after getting briefly derailed by the sucking vortex that is known as “Twitter” for a couple of days, I’m back and rushing to catch up on at least the confirmed members of Donald Trump’s horrifying new anti-government; a group I like to call the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Whether it’s fascists, feudalists or fundamentalists, the swine emperor sure does know how to pick em and even his very *best* choices (by whichever metric allows you to call anyone working in government a “good” choice somehow) are literally terrifying whackjobs with a notably repugnant agenda – which brings us to our newest Evil Mutant: Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis.




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While it’s easy to dismiss the widespread acceptance or even celebration of James Mattis into Trump’s cabinet as a relatively poor choice simply looking good by comparison; I honestly don’t think that analysis touches at the core of the problem very well. James “Mad Dog” Mattis is beloved by mainstream American political elements on both sides of the aisle because we prefer our butchers and warmongers to be well spoken men who appear reasonable while enacting atrocities; this acts as a form of mass plausible deniability and allows us to continue pretending on a day to day basis that American imperialism is about defending Democracy instead of it’s true purpose – enriching the elite at any and all costs, in both tax dollars and the blood of innocents.

I could spend a lot of time asking why anyone thinks appointing a guy named “Mad Dog” is going to further the cause of peace, or wading through the various “Mattisisms” that have been attributed to the highly quotable general but the honest to god truth is that Mattis is exactly the kind of guy an imperialist empire wants on the front lines murdering people for capitalism. The problem of course is that even if I accepted this monstrous premise as “good” or “justified” somehow, that wouldn’t change the fact that such a man is in no goddamn way suited for a position in civilian government – a position like say, Secretary of fucking Defense, which is supposed to be a lot more about preserving peace than making war in what amounts to “the American mythology of imperialism.”

Ultimately, it is very clear to anyone who’s been listening to Mattis for the past six or so years that he has every intention of attacking Iran and touching off what most impartial experts describe as “Sand Vietnam” or a conflict that will make the Iraq War look like a Sunday fucking picnic. Setting aside the question of when it is morally acceptable for the United States to attack a nation that poses virtually no real threat to itself or it’s citizens (hint: never) a conflict with Iran is simply a very bad fucking idea that will accomplish virtually nothing good for regular American citizens. When you consider that Democratic Party politicians and spokespeople have uttered the phrase “we must never have another Iraq war” literally hundreds of times, the fact that a psychotic warmonger nursing half a lifetime’s worth of animosity towards Iran managed to make it through the Senate by a vote of 98 to 1 makes almost no goddamn sense at all.

If James Mattis is the “sane” one in Trump’s new imperial boy band of whackjob butchers – I’d strongly advise you invest in bullets because there will soon be worldwide demand for them.


  • Nina Illingworth


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