A Brief Thought: Trump is an Authoritarian Nightmare, not a Russian Spy

Editor’s Note: well, at this point these Brief Thought posts are starting to become something of a trend; I really can’t promise there will be one every day, but for now I’m not exactly struggling to come up with material either. I suppose these posts are sort of the point where blogging and memeing meet so it’s not entirely impossible that I’ll keep posting them fairly regularly as long as I have something relevant to share.

Today’s brief thought comes in response to the sudden revival of the “Trump is working for Putin” conspiracy theory that famous neoliberal media outlets curiously pushed absurdly hard with little to no evidence until the exact moment Trump was inaugurated.

One of Trump’s more odious warmongers, retired Lt. General Michael Flynn has been forced to resign after possibly negotiating sanction conditions with Russia before he officially joined the swine emperor’s cabinet; and then lying about it. This has prompted noted mainstream Democratic Party shill David Corn to aggressively attempt to put the Trump-Putin rumors back in the news cycle; presumably because Mother Jones is so desperate for clicks they actually profiled a goddamn neo-nazi just little while back. Please check out my thoughts below:



Please note that this one might be a little trickier to read than normal if you’re working on a smaller monitor; if you’re having trouble, just right click on the meme and select “view this image” to pop out a larger version. Please also feel free to share this meme anywhere you like; the sheer number of people who blindly regurgitate absurd lies by McCarthyite liberals like Joy Ann Reid without even spending a moment to consider what would be happening right now if Trump actually were guilty, is pretty staggering. Don’t forget that all of this would have happened *before* Trump became President or even looked like he was going to win; plenty of time for the CIA to swoop in and save the day – if they had the goods, which they clearly do not.

Look, I am by no stretch of the imagination sad to see a disingenuous little fucker like Flynn go over the side but the simple truth of the matter is the conversation he had with the Russian ambassador would have been completely fine if he’d just waited until Trump was sworn in. In other words, Flynn ate his ice cream before dinner, got caught and lied about it; absolutely none of that amounts to reasonable evidence that Vladimir Putin is controlling the US government through Trump. Frankly, the entire Trump works for Putin conspiracy theory has been a tragic waste of time and resources; I for one hope American liberals ignore Corn’s call to arms and start focusing on protecting the marginalized people they’ve all put in danger by running the only person in the goddamn country who could lose an election to an odious fucking monster like Trump.


  • Nina Illingworth


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