A Brief Thought: The Deep State Dilemma

Editor’s note: after an exhausting weekend on simmer, the ongoing White House “Russia” scandal will no doubt be brought back up to a boil this week and with it, the increasingly obvious war between our proto-fascist President and the American Intelligence apparatus. The United States has clearly passed into a time of cloak and shadow as an openly desperate populace turns to monstrous NatSec rejects like John Schindler and embarrassing frauds like Eric Garland for some small hope of escaping Trump and the nightmare we all seem to inherently sense has enveloped us.

Today’s Brief Thought asks a simple question – is it a good idea to let the CIA depose an acting President if that President is a fucking authoritarian assclown goddamn nightmare?



Note: if you’re having trouble reading the above meme, just right click on it and select “view this image” to pop out a larger version. As always please feel free to share this meme anywhere you like; at this point there are still a disturbingly large number of Americans openly rooting for a deep state coup that will only send the country down a different track towards totally oppressive authoritarianism.

At this point in time, I honestly believe the best-case scenario for America (and perhaps the world) is that Trump *survives* this “deep state coup” and is instead finally impeached by a thoroughly embarrassed, terrified and exposed GOP congress in the early summer. Like a wounded animal, Trump is frustrated, confused and tired; the momentum his government had has largely been spent defending Flynn and fighting the courts over his horrifying “Muslim ban” – now Trump is going to have to slow down and elements inside the mainstream Republican party are already moving against him.

While I acknowledge that this answer will please few liberals still desperately clinging to the idea that consolation prize, popular-vote winner Hillary Clinton might still become President; this isn’t about Clinton anymore – this is about stopping (admittedly, bumbling) proto-fascism without turning the country over to psychopaths who strangle people with piano wire for American corporations under the guise of “protecting democracy.”

These are dark days my friends and regardless of how this whole thing shakes out; the “happy ending” ship has likely already sailed when Bernie Sanders was cheated out of the Democratic nomination last spring – that’s kind of what happens when one partly loses over 1,000 state legislature seats, the presidency, the Senate and the House over the course of seven short years.

PS – for those of you who are somehow blissfully unaware of just how evil the CIA (and other American intelligence agencies) are; please read this, read this, then read this and finally, watch this video. The fact is, I could literally write an entire blog with it’s own daily posts just cataloguing the completely awful shit US intelligence agencies do on behalf of corporate America; which is why most sane people have largely disregarded the extremely thin “Russian Hacking” case in the first place.


  • Nina Illingworth



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