New Deluxe Wall of Shame Update: Sean Hannity

Editor’s Note: well the dam finally broke my friends; after inviting an *actual* fucking nazi on Fox News for at least the third time – Sean Hannity has at last made me angry enough to smoke a goddamn fool in broad daylight again. Thus, we are gathered here today to induct the long-deserving Fox News propagandist and automated rant-ogre on to our media Wall of Shame; in honor of his staggeringly unctuous and sycophantic defense of all things Trump this past year and half a lifetime’s worth of general tabloid conservative dipshittery.

As I mentioned in a previous post; now that Trump is president I’m anticipating the inclusion of more boot-licking toady, conservative media figures like Hannity on the Wall of Shame and I’m toying with the idea of splitting them off into their own Wall at some point soon just to address space concerns. For now however, Hannity can join the small group of right-wing reactionaries at the bottom of our main wall while I work on building some new digs for our RWNJ “honorees.”

PS – don’t bitch to me about the extremely limited number of Media Matters links in this article; I hate and mistrust them just as much as you do but nobody else kept records of Hannity’s early forays in spewing hate into a microphone.


Sean Hannity:


Wanted: to actively defend & promote white supremacy at a fourth grade reading level on network television.

Crimes: being the real life version of Ron Burgundy without the charm, kissing so much Trump ass his breath smells like the rancid meatloaf at Mar-a-Lago, inviting & promoting an actual goddamn neonazi on his show multiple times, sucking so bad at his job even other professional conservative bullshit artists think he’s a trashfire, being disturbingly concerned with President Obama’s burger condiments, being such a weak-assed keyboard warrior dipshit that he got owned by douchey-hipster online rag VICE News, making Ted Kopel right about something for the first time in over two decades, making the nutjob who writes Wonkette right about something for the first time ever, personally accounting for six percent of the global market demand for hairspray, enthusiastically supporting the Iraq war, slavishly smearing victims of the police state, advocating on behalf of the parental right to teach children that “being gay is not normal,” declaring that he doesn’t give a shit about what any media people think of him immediately after spending days bitching and moaning about what liberal media people think of him, repeatedly gravitating towards whatever batshit conservative movement is most powerful at a given time because he’s a boot-licking toady, being so obviously halfwitted that even other pinhead conservative commentators can tell he’s gormless, lying for swine emperor Donald Trump, lying to swine emperor Donald Trump, being the overpriced Bill Mitchell, being a downmarket Bill O’Reilly clone, defending walking shit-demon George Zimmerman in the racially-motivated slaying of Trayvon Martin, having the brass balls to call someone else an “arrogant, out of touch elitist” when he’s pulling down nearly $30 million a year to grovel for power on Fox, being a hopelessly out of touch white dude with strong opinions on rap music, being the kind of obviously-fronting assclown who wears golf shirts to the office and keeps a game-worn football helmet on his desk, barely escaping a Philadelphia sandwich shop with his goddamn life, comparing Black Lives Matter to the Ku Klux Klan, comparing Congressman Keith Ellison to the Ku Klux Klan, objectively proving the theory that the primary requirement for working in conservative media television is a malformed chin large enough to launch F-14 Tomcat fighters at sea, disingenuously promoting Birtherism, actively promoting racism, actively promoting Islamophobia, general fucking meat-headery, being a smarmy jackass while denying objectively proven climate science, will almost certainly be found buck naked, covered in massage oils & clutching a sweat-stained Holy Bible (in a Motel 6 with a 17 year old prostitute named Blake) at some point before his forced retirement from public life.

Collaborator Rating: 10/10 – to be entirely more fair than a preening, dissembling little shitheel like Hannity deserves; I’m not sure it’s reasonable to call the Fox News talk show host a collaborator. After all, collaboration implies some sort of free will and Hannity is such a pathetic fucking sycophant that he’s more like a reactionary-conservative media remora; feeding off the feces of larger, more dominant hosts in the far-right ideological shark-tank just to survive. Despite my misgivings however, there are few personalities in the entire history of television who can shamelessly swallow, then repackage right-wing bullshit as readily as Sean does on a nightly basis and that level of “perfection” simply cannot go unrecognized here on


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