ABT: Dimwitted Donny Jr Goes Domino Dancing

Editor’s note: if the truth be told I’ve literally spent the better part of the past 36 hours (as evidenced by the voluminous number of links below) researching this piece and frankly, I’m completely fucking exhausted after this endeavor. While I traditionally enjoy my work a great deal, I’d be lying if I told you that sifting fact from spin in this political environment isn’t a soul-crushing experience at the best of times; and we are most certainly not in the best of times right now.

In light of this, I’m going to skip the big long intro and simply inform you that today’s Brief Thought blog post is about the ongoing Donald Trump Jr revelations and the ultimate endgame we now appear to be approaching in the scandal that has become known as “Russiagate.” Thank you in advance for your understanding:



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As regular readers of this website will no undoubtedly be aware, I have spent a tremendous amount of time and space over the past few months unraveling the staggering, bipartisan knot of festering bullshit that comprises what has become known as “Russiagate” or “Kremlingate” in the mainstream, corporate media; in fact, I have spent so much time following the endless cycle of spin, counterspin & “new” revelations that I’ve actually become more than a little resentful of having to cover the “Russiagate” aspect of Trump’s corruption and ongoing downfall at all.

Throughout it all, I have maintained that Trump is undoubtedly a crook and his presidency is on borrowed time, but the original two core accusations of this insane conspiracy theory (as discussed here) are false; Donald Trump is not working for Russian intelligence and the 2016 Presidential election was not rigged. As I write this, it is however becoming increasingly clear that the Trump campaign and subsequent government have at least attempted on multiple occasions to trade easing (or even elimination) of sanctions against Russia for political favors and opportunities for personal enrichment – the wolves are now closing around Trump’s coterie of corrupt crackpots and it’s obvious that the White House’s bumbling excuse makers have no answer for the hellfire that’s about to rain down on their heads.

Needless to say, this is unquestionably a savage blow to the swine emperor’s corrupt anti-government and may indeed represent a wound Trump himself cannot hope to recover from; ignoring the ravings of Herr Donald’s political enemies however, it is clearly a question of bribery, quid pro quo and corruption – in spite of longstanding efforts to move the goalposts by Democratic Party operatives, nothing Trump Jr said proves either that Donald Trump is Putin’s Manchurian Candidate or that the Russians rigged the 2016 Presidential Election. While this may seem like a distinction without a difference to hardcore Democrat partisans, I think it’s important to understand that there is literally a giant chasm of separation between Russian intelligence compromising a US President with a piss tape and a foreign government bribing people close to a politician to free up billions of dollars in assets. Furthermore, I would strongly advise Democratic Party operatives to seriously reconsider their position that soliciting politically damaging information from a foreign national represents actual fucking treason because that would in turn mean that everyone involved in compiling the now legendary “Steele” Dossier is a traitor to the United States; a patently ridiculous argument in it’s own right.

In the final analysis, it is now clear that if the Trump government can indeed be destroyed, special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation will turn up more than enough evidence of corruption to bring down the swine emperor; Trump Jr is lying, it certainly seems like Jared Kushner is lying and there’s even evidence Jeff Sessions might be in on the whole scam too. In other words, the nightmare isn’t over, but it’s no longer a question of proving Trump isn’t just the victim of a massive political smear and in a purely legal sense, Herr Donald’s guilt is now becoming obvious to all but his most loyal minions and acolytes. This is decidedly in spite of an American justice system and a DC political environment that have been openly rigged on behalf of the wealthy and powerful; all evidence points to the conclusion that Trump and his pack of raving fools simply couldn’t be bothered to cover their tracks and may not have even realized that they had to.

What remains to be decided now, is how far the ruling elite establishment will be allowed to run with this in their longstanding, objectively insane attempts to initiate a conflict with the Putin administration by destabilizing and or attacking two key Russian allies in Syria and Iran. The future of our entire planet is sitting on a knife’s edge my friends and this time it’s not going to be a quick jaunt to the capitol to institute a little US-sponsored “regime change” – we’re talking about Sand Vietnam here folks.

Are the American people really prepared to enter into a real as fuck proxy war over “cyberattacks” when the means of removing the disastrous cancer that is Donald Trump are at hand and don’t require risking World War Three on behalf of defense contractors and their bribed politicians? Before you answer that question please keep in mind the following three facts:



So, will the impending fall of America’s swine emperor and US imperialist ambitions combine to plunge the world into catastrophic war? Your guess is as good as mine, but recently I’ve found myself passing evenings by praying to the heavens that cooler heads will prevail; despite all evidence that they will not and our darkest hour still lies ahead – now might be an especially bad time to go ballooning my friends.


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